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Ballistic Brings Style and Protection to Your iPhone 5C

Ballistic 5C Cases

Even though Apple claims the upcoming iPhone 5C model serves as a “replacement” of some sorts for the soon to be discontinued iPhone 5. What you may not know is any case you now have for your 5 model will NOT work for your 5C. Ballistic, one of the leading designers of cases with engineered drop protection, has you covered (pun intended) with 4 new cases expressly designed for the iPhone 5C.

Each case features reinforced corners, durable interior rubber to absorb shock and a raised lip for screen protection, keeping screens from touching any surface it is placed on, preventing cracks or damage. These cases are available in an assortment of colors, styles and protection strengths.

Ballistic LS Jewel Glitter

The Ballistic LS Jewel Glitter for iPhone 5c
case is the latest edition to the Ballistic LS series.

It is available in Turquoise and Magenta, has a sleek glossy finish, and a translucent exterior infused with silver sparkles. It’s the slimmest case in the Ballistic portfolio, and The LS Jewel Glitter is exclusive to AT&T.

This case is available for $19.99.

The Aspira

iPhone5C_NeonHotPink_AspiraThe Aspira series caters to consumers that demand protection without sacrificing style.

The Aspira has a high polish finish and offers maximum pocketability. These cases come in white, black, neon green and neon hot pink. Stylish, slim and protective, these cases offer the tailored device defense customers have learned to expect from Ballistic.

The Aspira is available for $34.99

Shell Gel SG and SG Maxx


The Ballistic Shell Gel (SG) offers users three layers of protection, starting with a ballistic shock-absorbent polymer. An impact-resistant polycarbonate shell makes up the second layer, while soft silicone with Ballistic CornersTM completes the round-up of protective features.

The SG is available for $34.99

The SG Maxx for iPhone 5c has these three protective layers along with a molded, replaceable screen protector for screen impact protection. The SG Maxx also features integrated port covers, a no-slip grip and a rugged holster with a swivel clip. Both the Shell Gel SG and the SG Maxx for iPhone 5c are available in black and white.

“With the launch of the iPhone 5c last week, we knew our customers would want dependable Ballistic cases to protect their new phones from drops and scratches,” said Adam Stubin, VP of Business Development, Ballistic. “The iPhone 5c is available in a variety of vibrant colors, to give iOS users the opportunities to better customize their phones; in the same way, we give our customers a range of cases to choose from, to customize style and protection strength to their individual needs.”

The SG Maxx is available for $49.99

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