While some buy cases to just give their phone a unique look or stand out from the pack, some forget on of the main reasons to get one. That is protect your phone from accidental drops which can either make your phone unrecognizable or inoperable from taking too many hits. I was able to get my hands on one of Spigen’s protective cases to see how its holds guarding the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Style & Build

Spigen Slim Armor Samsung Galaxy S4 Case  (2)
The Spigen Slim Armor case is dual layered like their Neo Hybrid case but adds slightly more weight to it. Since it is dual layered, of course there is a two-step process to getting it assembled. A Soft TPU case goes around the S4 making it feel secure. Then there is adding the second layer which is the polycarbonate hard case on top of it. Adding on the second layer made me feel like I was going to rip the buttons off or bend the frame so I was pretty careful with it.

After that it fit like a glove and made the S4 feel pretty tight and secure. Peeling it off is super easy. Just pull the case up and it will come off easier than it was to put on. The usual headphone, IR blaster, speaker and usb port cutouts are open for use. The usb port cutout gives a bit more breathing room compared to the Neo Hybrid but just a tad.


Testing it out with some occasional drops and bumps showed it held up pretty good. The dual colors does it give it a nice look especially being it’s mainly solid colors. While my review case was white you can see there are a host of different colors to fit your needs with ease. I think my only dislike about this case is the initial add on of it to the phone.

Final Thoughts

Spigen’s Slim Armor case is a good fit for your Samsung Galaxy S4 as long as you’re not a person that likes to switch cases as some are. I feel like a few case swaps can put some wear or pressure on the frame or buttons of the case. But I could be wrong. If you’re a one case type of person definitely check out and slap some armor on your S4.

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