I came across this new social media camera called theQ Camera while browsing my usual photography blogs. It’s touted as the worlds first social media camera and it has a few rather interesting stand out features. On the spec side, theQ features a 5MP sensor with a wide 24mm f/2.4 lens, manual rotation focusing, and macro modes. What sets theQ apart from other and is what caught my attention is the LED flash ring the features 8 segmented LED lights bordering the lens. Not only that, theQ is waterproof up to 1 meter, includes built in photo filters, has wireless connectivity for automatic image uploads, and has expandable memory.

TheQ is meant to be used mainly to capture “Instagram” like photos to be uploaded to your favorite social media sites which might also account for the fact that it only has a 5MP sensor instead of something larger. It also has just 4 buttons making it one of the easiest cameras to use – Function, Save & Share, Shutter and Shutter with Flash.

I will say, it’s a pretty stylish camera and seems to be small enough to carry anywhere. Although, the 5MP sensor may be a turnoff to some as well as the price, but overall, it does look rather interesting especially with that LED flash ring and manual focusing.

The camera will come in 9 different colors and can be preordered now on their site here for $199 + free shipping.

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