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Redesigned DIRECTV Mobile App for iPad [News]

directvThis morning DirecTV announced that The DIRECTV Mobile App as you know it has been completely overhauled and now enables customers to more easily discover content to watch, either streamed to their iPad or to control their DVR and watch on their TV. Plus, the new advanced look and feel is more consistent with other DIRECTV products and services creating a cohesive experience across platforms.

I’ve always felt DirecTV mobile was steps above everyone else as far as apps are concerned. The update seems like it got even better. Check out some of the new features listed below:

Key new DirecTV Mobile app updates include:

  • New “Menu” section to make browsing for content easier.
  • New “TV Show” and “Networks” sections, as well as updated Guide and Movies with filter capabilities based on where you want to view your programming on your iPad or on your TV.
  • Redesigned Info Page with an enhanced visual experience.
  • New “Watch” feature that combines all the ways you can watch a program on your iPad or TV into a single location.

Existing DirecTV Mobile App features still available:

  • Turn your mobile device into a portable TV and watch select shows in any room of your home. It¹s like having an extra TV in the palm of your hands.
  • Connect to Facebook, Twitter and GetGlue to discover what shows and movies people are talking about now, and to seamlessly share what you’re watching.
  • Browse at ease. View by grid or by channel list, see a single channel’s schedule for the entire day, set favorite channels and scan up to 14 days in advance to see what’s available to record.
  • Enhanced search functionality to show results as you type, top picks of the week, and listings of programs that you can watch on your mobile device.
  • Easily browse what¹s on via the interactive guide without interrupting what you¹re watching.
  • Use your mobile device to schedule a DVR recording on the go, from anywhere. You can even schedule your DVR to record movies that are still in theaters as soon as they become available on DIRECTV.

DirecTV iPad app

For more info or to download visit DirecTV. Try it out and let us know if you love the new update or if DirecTV still has a way to go.

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