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HTC Inspires Change Makers with Robert Downey Jr. Ad

HTC Change

Earlier this year HTC, changed the game with their newest flagship phone the HTC One. As a proud owner of the HTC One I am not disappointed, but I’ve been curious about how they would both A) Top themselves and B) Keep up with Samsung’s every growing and successful Galaxy line. It seems instead of whipping out more and more of the same phone they are focusing more on long-term goals as a company.

About a month ago HTC started releasing teaser videos which left a few confused. Helicopter, briefcase, high-five were basically all one could gather from these cryptic teasers.

Earlier today HTC unveiled the first advertising spot of its Change brand platform which features actor and director Robert Downey Jr. who has signed a two-year deal with HTC. In addition to starring in the ad, he has injected his own style, working closely with HTC’s global agency 171 Worldwide (WPP Group) to shape its creative direction, putting change at the core of HTC’s brand by offering a variety of unique interpretations of the HTC acronym.

This commercial is part of the first of three phases in HTC’s new brand platform, beginning with this ad campaign that highlights the brand with a playful take on what HTC means to different people. The second phase will feature executions that highlight how HTC innovations have changed the face of the mobile industry, and the last phase will focus on how HTC products allow people to drive change in their own lives.

So what do you think? Has #HTChange piqued your interest or do you just want to see their next smart phone?

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  1. I play the Hog Tied Clown in this commercial. When I told people I was in a HTC commercial with Robert Downey Jr., they’d ask, “What or who is HTC?”. So this first stage seems to be to get their name out there. Even folks who are ‘dissing” the commerical, use the acronym to do it (Hate This Commercial, Hang The Ceo, etc), so this apparently is very effective. Once the name is more knows, THEN they can move on with product education/exposure. I don’t have an HTC One, but in comparisons I’ve seen, it stacks up againts the iPhone V and Samsung Galaxy IV well.

    • Congrats on the commercial! I agree 100% this shows HTC is looking to be around long term not just sell as many units as possible. I’ve long been a fan of HTC and always thought they provided quality phones sadly not previously throwing all the marketing dollars to advertise has hurt them. Hopefully, this new campaign pushes them in the right direction.

    • Thanks. I personally didn’t know who HTC was until someone had taken a photo of my at Christmas as Santa. When I asked to see it, it was in 3D! I then noticed it was a HTC. Until the commercial, I hadn’t done any research, but have since found it has beaten the iPhone IV in comparison tests on YouTube from independent companies.

    • You’re Welcome. Yes I owned the HTC EVO 3D it was a great phone. I guess it depends on what you compare the iPhone and HTC on. I own both phones so I don’t really have a bias.

  2. Samsung is popular because they can simply flood the market with various models of their mobile phones with confusing names. On the commercial side they also try to position themselves as iPhone competitor. Thats why Samsung is better known. Its good that HTC does something else because attacking other makers is kinda childish and it’s Samsungs thing. I own an HTC one. Its a great phone.


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