G-Shock & Eminem “Shock the World” at event in New York City

Eminem (19)

G-Shock looked to “Shock the World” as the theme of the night was put and they may as well done so. They announced a bevy of their watches from concepts of their “Ultimate” series which showcased names such as “Frogman” and “Iceman” which could take severely extreme temperatures to other some of their more prestigious luxury lines with the “MT-G” (starts at $900 to upwards of $1,100).

Known also for their various collaborations, G-Shock showed off some with New Era, Louie Vito and of course Eminem.

G-Shock X New Era

With New Era they are taking the iconic gold and black stickers you would get on the front of your 59Fifty caps and twisting that into a mashup on your XL- GA110 model.


G-Shock X Louis Vito

Pro snowboarder Louie Vito is a Winter Olympic Medalist, and champion of the Winter X Games and Grand Prix. He has been working with G-Shock and will be releasing the GLS8900LV-2. Great for rugged conditions and can take on frigid weather like no other.


G-Shock X Eminem

If you don’t know by now Eminem and G-Shock are bringing customization to a timepiece like no other. They have taken the XL-6900 model and stylized it to Slim Shady’s liking. It has a model of his hometown Detroit on one armband and his signature on another. Also embossed on the front is his signature “E” logo.


Speaking of Eminem, they couldn’t just have them showing off his newest watch but also had rip the stage with a killer performance that can be deemed “once in a lifetime” and not seen again for years to come. Eminem had rapper YelaWolf from his ShadyRecords open up for him and get the crowd hyped up. I have never listened to YelaWolf until then but I have to say I’m going to give him a listen. Enjoyed some of his tracks there but I want to hear the studio versions.

Videos taken from the show:

Eminem had the crowd in a frenzy going back to tracks all the way from his Slim Shady LP. Me being a super huge fan I loved the whole show and think its something you could not miss what so ever. He performed tracks from “Just Don’t Give a F**k(which you can see below) to tracks like “The Way You Lie”.

Images from “Shock the World” Event