New York Moments: Jorge Colombo Uses iOS Devices to Create Art

New York Moment

This week launched a new series called “New York Moments”, chronicling what New Yorker’s love about their city. The “New York Moments” series is a way to share why YOU <3 NY!!. The first video in the series is from artist Jorge Colombo. It caught my attention because he uses his iOS devices to create cityscape art by way of finger painting. That is so dope to me especially as a native New Yorker, iOS device addict and lover of all things creative.

Jorge Colombo launched his career in 2009 when his illustration for the cover of The New Yorker was the first ever created on an iPhone for a major magazine. Jorge creates art via the Brushes app for iPad, and the video shows him drawing the NYC skyline in real time. This is a great example of how technology is transforming the way we live, interact and even create beautiful artwork.

Check out Jorge Colombo’s New York Moment:

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The “New York Moments” series is a way to share why YOU <3 NY and will have a total of 15 videos, including Kevin and Michael Bacon’s New York Moment. If you have a New York Moment of your own that you’d like to share? Tell about it via Twitter @NEWYORKCOM, #WELOVETHISCITY