Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Hands On (3)

Samsung announced yesterday at its London Premiere 2013 event among other things was the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active. The phone if derived from the name is built more for those with an “active” lifestyle. It holds just about the same specs as the original Samsung Galaxy S4, except instead of a 13MP camera it uses a 8MP camera which would make it on par with the Galaxy S III. Also the display while 1080P is of TFT FULL HD where the S4’s is SUPER AMOLED.

Samsung Galaxy S 4 Active – Look and Feel Hands On

The build on the Galaxy S4 Active has it using a harder rugged plastic model which is dust-proof and can be submerged into up to a meter in water. I had some hands-on with it at tech event hosted here in New York City by Pepcom (Digital Experience) and I actually liked the feel and design of it. There are no capacitive touch action buttons but rather physical buttons on the front. The back side of the phone tries to give it an industrial look with screws along with it.

I can see a lot of people picking this up especially those that always tend to get water damage on their phone whether dropping it in a puddle, or the main culprit which is the toilet. While there are waterproof case alternatives if you can opt to just have it already built onto the phone, why not?

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Hands On (4)Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Hands On (3)Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Hands On (2)

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Active is a AT&T exclusive and is available starting today for $199.99.

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