If you’re a case hoarder, then the one phone you really want is the iPhone. Since the first time the iPhone was released, case manufacturers have been supporting the devices with literally hundreds and hundreds of different cases for all manner of styles and activities. Even those companies who have traditionally not made cases before have jumped in to gain a few extra dollars of profit from case sales.

Booq, one of the leading brands for laptop and tablet bags, bookbags, and messenger bags have announced that they are now releasing a new line of iPHone 5 cases called the Fibre Snapcase. The Fibre Snapcase is a durable snap-on case made of polycarbonate and features natural fibers on the rear of the case similar to what is on their iPad case and Mamba bags.

The Fibre snapcase for iPhone 5 comes in four colors – black, gray, purple, or sand. Shipping today and available for $29.95, you can get it at and various retailers throughout the U.S.

Press Release

Made from durable polycarbonate and genuine natural fiber, Fibre snapcase keeps the perfect grip on your most ambitious ideas

Sierra Madre, California – (June 6, 2013)Booq, a leading brand of premium laptop bags, backpacks, iPad and now iPhone cases, unveils the Fibre Collection for the iPhone 5. Inspired by booq’s natural fiber iPad cases and Mamba line, the Fibre snapcase is the perfect way to style your iPhone 5 with modern simplicity, without compromising protection and design quality. Each case combines durable polycarbonate materials with a grippy, soft-touch finish and genuine fiber fabric to deliver a case that not only looks and feels great, but also protects your phone from impact. Fibre snapcase is now available on for $29.95.

Fibre snapcase:

The ultimate accessory for today’s creative professional, booq delivers a natural way to keep a grip on your most necessary device, the iPhone. Whether out on the road, working out of a coffee shop, or globe-trotting, Fibre snapcase provides your iPhone 5 with ultimate pocket-ability. The case features booq’s intelligent design and highest-quality materials, but has a soft-touch feel.  The thin-walled design with thick sides keeps your phone from looking bulky while providing optimal protection.

“The Fibre snapcase is our first venture into iPhone cases, and we’re really excited to finally offer Apple lovers shelter for their most important and used device,” says booq’s Lead Designer, S. Kema Subsomboon. “We’ve thought about this case for a while, but the challenge was getting those same materials that make our bags highly-durable to translate to such a small piece of casing without compromising design and protection. The natural fiber from the beloved Mamba was just right.”

The Fibre snapcase for iPhone 5 comes in a variety of four colors to adapt to your creative lifestyle. Choose from black, gray, purple, or sand. Shipping today and available for $29.95, you can get it at and various retailers throughout the U.S.

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