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It seems like it’s all about portability these days. We do many things on our smartphones now that just a few years ago, we would have had to sit in front of a laptop to accomplish. Laptops turned into ultrabooks and netbooks turned into tablets. Even our phones have big enough screens that allow for us to complete work on the go. But what about when we have to sit down with the ultrabook that we tote everywhere. Are we supposed to remain mobile even when we’re at the office or at home? It isn’t fun having to reconnect our external hard drives, printers, routers, keyboard and mice every time we return to the office.

Let’s not forget those who are used to working with double monitors and specialized keyboards. I’m sure you get the point, plugging all your ports in can be a huge pain. While some laptops offer docking stations, it’s not beneficial and universal to the different laptops in a household and/or office.

Belkin, who is known for many popular business and consumer products has come up with another solution to a common problem! Similar to their Thunderbolt Express Dock for Apple Macbooks, Belkin has a solution for those who use Windows ultrabooks and Windows 8 tablets. Their solution is the new Belkin USB 3.0 Docking Stands.

Belkin Docking Stand Release - UltrabooksBelkin USB 3.0 Docking Station For Ultrabook - Ports - Analie

What are the Benefits of the Belkin USB 3.0 Docks?

So why would one use the Belkin video docking stand for ultrabooks? There are the obvious reasons that I stated earlier. It makes it easy to transition from the workplace to your home office. The fact that it connects through USB 3.0 makes it compatible with nearly every ultrabook released within the last year or so. One of the greatest benefits is the ability to work with two or even three monitors. It’s difficult to go back to working with one display when you’re used to working with multiple displays.

In a busy workplace where there are universal workstations, various users can use the dock through the 3.0 USB port. In a household like mine, where we have four laptops, the docking station wouldn’t be a problem since it connects through the USB 3.0 port.


Belkin Docking Stand Release - For Windows 8 Tablets  1- AnalieBelkin USB 3.0 Docking Stand Ports - Clean - Cable

Belkin USB 3.0 Docking Stand and Windows 8 Tablets

The Belkin docking stand for Windows 8 tablets allows you to get the most out of your tablet. It will allow you to connect peripherals such as a keyboard and mouse and use Windows fully. The dock doesn’t work with Windows RT. It’s compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Unlike Apple iPads and Google Android tablets, Windows 8 tablets were meant to be used with more productivity apps and programs, such as Microsoft Office (which include Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel)

Belkin USB 3.0 Dual Video Docking Stand Pricing: $249.99

I already know I need one of these.  I’ve had docking stations int the past. They are life savers. The time you have from easily being able to connect is worth the price.

Belkin Docking Stand Release - Ultrabooks Workstation

Press Release

Introducing Belkin USB 3.0 Video Docking Stand for Ultrabook and Windows 8 Tablets

“—the freedom and convenience of mobility with the comfort and functionality of a fully equipped office. The video docking stand provides quick, easy access to multiple peripherals through a single USB 3.0 cable: external displays, keyboard and mouse, printer, network, and more. Configure your workspace just the way you like it, then come and go as you please.”

“Greater mobility and the need for an improved user experience are increasingly important to organizations that care about worker productivity and its impact on overall efficiency,” said J. Gerry Purdy, Ph.D., principal analyst, Mobile Trax.

“Belkin has developed an interesting set of docking stands that really optimize the functionality of Ultrabooks, and particularly Windows8 Tablets, in the business environment. This is a great step forward for mobile computing at the enterprise level.” Belkin’s USB 3.0 Dual Video Docking Stand is designed to provide versatility to accommodate mixed platforms and multiple users, including visiting professionals, contractors and ‘hot desk’ environments. Because it allows easy access to multiple peripherals, users can configure their workstations based on their preferences.”


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