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Pong Gold Reveal Case for iPhone 5 – Protects You from Your Phone [Review]


For years the topic of whether or not cellphones emit harmful levels of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) has been an issue. Studies have shown that wireless radiation may cause adverse health effects such as: Cancer, Behavioral Problems and brain wave activity to name a few. Until I became a mother I never seriously worried about any of the potential health risks. So when Pong offered to send me a review unit I was a tad skeptical not only of how much it could reduce risk but also how can I prove to you all that it actually works.

Pong has created Gold Plated Anti-Radiation Exposure Cases to not only reduce these potential health risks but optimize signal strength and conserve battery life. Stronger signal strength and longer battery life are two topics I can test. Did it live up to its claims? Yes, yes and yes.

Featured Benefits

  • Reduces exposure to radiation – Reduces radiation exposure by up to 89% below international safety limits
  • Optimizes Performance – Gives you more efficient signal distribution. Signal strength is improved under certain circumstances (depending on carrier and frequency)
  • Built-in Antenna Technology – A patented, wafer-thin antenna inside the case couples with the antenna inside your phone to direct energy towards the back and away from you
  • Independently tested and proven – Pong is proven to reduce radiation exposure in independent facilities certified to U.S. (FCC), European (CE), Canadian (IC) and Australian (ACA) government standards
  • Boost 4G signal strength by up to 13.2X compared to any other case
  • Extend LTE range by up to 3.6X compared to any other case
  • Accelerates upload speeds by up to 5X compared to any other case
  • 60 day money-back guarantee
  • Compatible with the Apple® Lightning to 30-pin Adapter
  • Access to all ports and functions

Real World Usability

As I stated previously, Pong sent me over an iPhone 5 case for review. All week I’ve used it in my office to see if my 3 hour battery life and curse of the 1 bar on my Sprint iPhone 5 could be improved.

The first thing I noticed is that without fail my iPhone stays at 1 bar signal strength and the dreaded “Message Failure” on almost every text message sent from my desk in my office. I am unable to stream iHeartradio or Spotify unless I bring a hotspot and use wi-fi. Using the Gold Reveal case from Pong I kept a consistent signal strength of 5 bars with the occasional 4 and I got an additional 2 hours of talk time before I had to connect to an external charger.


I don’t know if anyone else has suffered the torture of messages not going through and having to roam the building to find a better connection but it’s rather frustrating. I’ve contacted my carrier to complain on multiple occasions because of this situation. Not once while using the case did a message fail to go through or did my phone lag and the additional 2 hours of use without having to reup my charge left me more than impressed.

Another benefit I noticed was how thin and sleek the case is. This is the first case for the iPhone 5 that I’ve used that truly feels like I have nothing on the phone at all. Aside from the Gold Reveal panel texture in your hand you would think no case was on the phone. Though it’s thin I don’t fear cracking my phone is I should happen to drop it. I will say that although it says the case is Black it does look like a dark gray – this isn’t a deal breaker in any sense but be mindful if you plan on ordering.

Availability of Pong’s Gold Reveal Cases was announced today. It is available for the Samsung Galaxy SIII as well for $59.99. For more information and to purchase visit www.pongresearch.com. Check out the Press Release below:

Press Release

LEESBURG, Va. – May 22, 2013 – Pong Research today unveils its new line of mobile device protective cases featuring a Gold Reveal design to show the gold-plated Pong antenna that protects consumers from wireless energy and optimizes device performance. The case, available now for the Apple iPhone 5®, Samsung Galaxy SIII®, and other mobile devices , enables users to see what makes a Pong case the only one on the market that protects both their bodies and their devices.

“On the inside, our cases have always contained this technology, but our customers could not actually see what made their cases so unique, because it was hidden on the inside.” said Todd DeYoung, CEO, Pong Research. “Our new Gold Reveal themed case enables a user to see the Pong technology, which we have coated in gold to both protect the antenna and create a stylish, eye-catching accessory.”

All smart devices radiate a form of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) called non-ionizing radiation. The most intense EMR occurs when the antenna transmits to a cell tower. The Pong antenna reduces radiation exposure while optimizing performance. A third party protective case can interfere with the device’s signal, even forcing the device to work harder and draining the battery more rapidly. Because the Pong technology re-directs and diffuses the wireless energy that a user’s head and body would otherwise absorb, device performance is optimized.

World-renowned design and innovation company IDEO (www.ideo.com) designed the new suite of Pong cases with Gold Reveal to showcase the Pong antenna in a cutting-edge form factor that uniquely complements the evolving designs of the latest smartphones and tablets..

Independently Tested and Proven
Pong products are proven to reduce radiation exposure in two independent facilities – CETECOM and RF Exposure Labs – both accredited by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and certified to U.S., Canadian, European, and Australian standards.

Pricing and Availability
The Gold Reveal design case is now available for the Apple iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy SIII in Classic and Rugged models. Cases for additional smartphone models, including the iPad, iPad Mini and Samsung Galaxy S4, are available for pre-order. Prices start at $59.99 USD. For more information and to purchase a case, visit www.pongresearch.com.

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