Yesterday kicked off Google I / 2013, and the remainder of the week will be Google sessions for developers. For us consumers the keynote gives a peek of announcement of what new stuff will be coming. So while the keynote this year was 3 hours long, I watched every minute of it.

Now there was announcement of a new version of Android, no new hardware to be released. Yes there was the Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition, but that price point was appealing and it’s still just plastic (not if it was the HTC One then maybe lol). Even it cross platform messaging app which people had codenamed babble, only brought us Hangouts. I’m still on the fence about Hangouts, so use it some more before I pass judgment.

GoogleAllAccess I did however come away from this keynote excited about a few things. First of then being Google All Access. No mind you right now I’m #TeamSpotify and loving it. But here is how my music situation is currently set up. I using Spotify as primary, but then use Google Music for all of my personal music I uploaded myself. I also use it for music Spotify doesn’t have that I purchase. So for a complete music experience I have to use two apps. Google All Access would give me one unified experience of my uploaded music and my streaming music. I’ve been using All Access since last night and I like the UI for it. It also gives me something I’ve wanted from Spotify for forever, which is Repeat One.

So with Google All Access I get streaming music which has a lot of the tracks Spotify, my own personal collection of uploaded music, playlists, offline option (which was the main reason I started paying for the service to begin with), repeat one, and for cheaper than Spotify. I currently pay $9.99 for Spotify service. All Access gives it to me (for signing up before June) $7.99! It is hard not to find a reason not to switch over. I’m a minimalist so this gives me a path to that.

NewGoogleMaps Once we get away from the music, another service I’m was excited about was Google Maps. I use maps regularly, and very excited about the new version. In harmony to this is the new addition to Google search or Google Now. I like that it has added public transit to it. Even though I review cars, my normal isn’t always to drive. Being able to have Google Now show me transit commute is very useful, I love it!

There were a few other things like what they have done with hot wording in Chrome and search there, so looking forward to that as well. Again while there wasn’t anything I would consider major the improvements I did see were exciting. Long Live Google!

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