Looking for an good performance gaming headset without the hefty price tag for it? Today is your lucky day people. Today SkullCandy releases their PLYR 1 wireless gaming headset and you know these has got to be good as they were made with another team that is a favorite here at G Style, Astro Gaming! SkullCandy acquired Astro Gaming and they definitely aren’t wasting the talent and input from this company. So while Astro Gaming is for the hardcore, the PLYR is for the mainstream! And this doesn’t mean cheap or subpar in any sense of the word, this are a good pair of gaming headsets, without going broke in the process.


PLYR1-White PLYR 1 coming in either Black or White starts off with having a really unique look to them. Instead of just a plain ole solid color bland design, the PLYR 1 comes with a very cool graphic design across the headset. Then there is the design of the headset itself, which looks split in to piece right above the ear cup. And wrapping up the look is the SkullCandy logo on the outside of the ear cup which is small, and on the inside of the ear cup, but larger but not overbearing in anyway. All in all SkullCandy did a good job with the look of these, threw a splash of graphic design to offset the solid color and didn’t go logo happy all over the headset. Leaving you with something you would enjoy wearing of showing us when friends come to plan with you.

Sound & Tech

PLYR1-And-Stand The SkullyCandy PLYR 1 is SkullCandy’s wireless headset, the flagship of the line and they pack in a bunch of cool features. Besides it being wireless of course, the PLYR 1 has an proprietary Supreme Sound technology which serves up some big bass and precision highs. It also has Dolby 7.1 surround sound. The PLYR 1’s headset stand has a built-in wireless transmitter which sends out 7.1 surround sound for your Xbox 360, PS3, or PC.

Also there are the Equilizer modes. With them get the best audio whether you are playing a game, listening to music, or watching a movie. These modes are Bass Mode, Supreme Mode, and Precision mode. I of course am partial to Bass mode as I love my bass! Once thing also noticed like on the Astro Gaming’s A50 headset, is the way you can mute the mic. Simply flip it up and you have muted it. To return to back simply flip it down. Simple and to the point.

Experience & Wrap Up

Using the PLYR 1s left me with no regrets. Setup was fairly easy and I was ready to game in no time. They also sit pretty comfortable on your head and even after extended use I felt no discomfort. When it came to battery power, I was able to get about roughly 8 hours between some games, music, and even watched a movie. As far as charging, you can get a good decent amount of power back after a good couple hours, but I would suggest doing them like you would your cell phone, just plug it up at night so you are good for the next day.

Now the SkullyCandy PLYR 1 is on sale night at Best Buy and if you are looking to get a pair, this is where you will have to go for the next two week, as Best Buy has lock in a exclusive period with them. You can get them at Best Buy right now for $179.99. This price isn’t bad at all for a very good pair of wireless gaming headset. So if you are looking for something that is still stylish, delivers on the sound/feature quality, and without paying an arm and leg…The PLYR 1s are for you.

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