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BlackBerry Q10 Joining the T-Mobile 4G LTE Lineup

BB_Q10_LTE_Black_L-small T-Mobile bringing a familiar look back to their smartphone lineup with the Blackberry Q10. Reminiscent of the oh so familiar Blackberry Bold series, it will be incorporating the newest features of Blackberry 10 and T-Mobile newest and fastest speeds of 4G LTE. More info can be read below. Anyone looking to go back to the land of the Blackberry? I can see business users flocking back to this with the quickness. Also starting at $99.99 down you cant beat that.

Pricing and Availability
Today, business customers can work directly with their B2B sales rep to order their BlackBerry Q10. Pricing for business customers begins at $119.99 with qualifying plans.

The BlackBerry Q10 is expected to be available for T-Mobile consumer customers in June for $99.99 down with 24 equal monthly payments of $20 for well-qualified buyers for 0% APR O.A.C. The smartphone will be available in T-Mobile retail stores, via www.T-Mobile.com and through select dealers and national retail stores. Consumer customers interested in the Q10 can register at http://explore.t-mobile.com/blackberry-q10.

Device Features
The new smartphone combines features BlackBerry is known for – the BlackBerry QWERTY keyboard and security – with a 3.1” touch screen, the power of the BlackBerry 10 platform and 4G LTE and HD Voice capabilities for a premium customer experience. BlackBerry® Hub helps manage personal and professional conversations, BBM™ messages, social media updates, or notifications with the ability to “peek” into the Hub from anywhere. To learn more about features and capabilities, visit the BlackBerry Q10 media kit.

T-Mobile Simple Choice Plans
For consumer and small business customers, T-Mobile’s Simple Choice or Simple Choice for Business Plans allow customers to design their plan based on the number of lines and amount of high-speed data required. There are no caps and no overages, and no restrictive annual service contracts. To provide added value for small business customers, T-Mobile’s Business Extras bundle allows customers with capable devices to access business-focused capabilities or solutions, like 24/7 remote IT support and paper-to-mobile forms conversion, valued at more than $400 for free. More information about T-Mobile’s Simple Choice and Simple Choice for Business plans can be found at http://explore.t-mobile.com/whyt-mobile and http://business.t-mobile.com/small-business. More information about T-Mobile’s Business Extras can also be found at http://business.t-mobile.com/small-business.

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