Why Your Current iPhone 5 Can’t Use T-Mobile’s 4G LTE

T-Mobile - Apple iPhone 5 Speed Test 2 (Why Your Current iPhone 5 Can't Use T-Mobile's 4G LTE)
T-Mobile – Apple iPhone 5 Using T-Mobile’s 4G LTE – Speed Test

I’m not the biggest fan of the iPhone and I have expressed that vocally over time but I am a big supporter of T-Mobile and always say it was necessary for them to have a handset from Apple. They have lost too many subscribers going to other carriers such as AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint. However, the consumers that flocked over to T-Mobile (using unlocked iPhones) were getting undesirable 2G/Edge speeds.

The A1428 model of the iPhone 5 is GSM based and can be utilized on T-Mobile already (it will work on T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network) but it doesn’t have the AWS bands enabled for T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network. So a revised version of the actual model will have it enabled and will work fully on T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network. Also take note this model will also work on AT&T 4G LTE’s network when unlocked.

What Apple will end up doing is phasing out the old hardware to make way for this latest iteration. There will most likely be no mention of it and no one will be the wiser unless your eagerly waiting for that T-Mobile x iPhone love.

Realistically you can either buy a iPhone 5 from T-Mobile, the Apple Store, or even the ones being shipped from AT&T should have the latest modified device. But  I can see trying to get phones unlocked from AT&T can have you leaping through hoops.

Another benefit of T-Mobile getting the iPhone 5 AWS enabled on their network is that it will also work on smaller carriers such as Cricket and MetroPCS. Looks like  T-Mobile users will be more than happy on April 12th.

If you’re a T-Mobile subscriber will you be getting the Apple iPhone 5 or jump ship from a another wireless carrier?