It’s always great when accessory manufacturers decide to support certain devices. That means that they feel confident enough that these devices will do well. It’s not surprising that companies would support the Samsung Galaxy S4 as it is a very popular Android device, but what is surprising is when they decide to support the BlackBerry Z10. Yes, this is the best BlackBerry ever made, but it hasn’t exactly had the best of receptions here in the US.

I’m glad however that there are companies willing to take a chance on the BlackBerry Z10 despite the uphill battle it faces. It’s a great little device and hopefully one that will help BlackBerry win back some customers.

Acase is one of those companies that has decided to support the BlackBerry Z10 along with the more popular Samsung Galaxy S 4. I’ve used a few Acase cases before in the past and really like their quality but haven’t had any experience with their SuperLeggera PRO cases yet. If the quality and protection is a good as the other stuff I’ve seen, than these should be pretty good. hopefully we’ll be able to get some to try in the near future.


Press Release

Taipei – March 27, 2013 – Acase, designer and manufacturer of accessories for mobile devices, announces the availability of its acclaimed SuperLeggera PRO for the newly released Samsung Galaxy S4 and highly-anticipated Blackberry Z10.  With over 1 million cases sold for iPhone and Galaxy S series, the SuperLeggera PRO provides the same protection as more expensive cases at a fraction of the cost.

Made from the same high-quality material as its predecessors, the new models utilize an inner flexible silicone case to absorb shocks and a removable polycarbonate outer cover to enhance appeal, grip and protection.   In addition, the SuperLeggera PRO is now finished with a layer of metallic rubber coating, making the case even more scratch, fingerprint and dust resistant.

“Due to the worldwide demand for SuperLeggera PRO cases for iPhone and Samsung S series, we’ve decided to extend our line to include the newest members of the smartphone market, the Galaxy S4 and Blackberry Z10,” said Jasper Shih, marketing manager for Acase.  “The SuperLeggera line not only offers superior design and protection, but also comes at a reasonable price.”

The SuperLeggera PRO for the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Blackberry Z10 come in black and white and are now available at Amazon and for $19.99.

About Acase
Acase specializes in high quality accessories that maximize the functionality of iPads, Kindle, iPhones, and more.  Based on the A+ principle, represented by the star on the logo, Acase aims at providing excellent style through a dedicated design team, outstanding quality while remaining affordable, and first class customer service.

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