iPhone-BlackRed-300-Angle-EPHS00214I carry my iPhone everywhere with me and as careful as I am with it, I still find it necessary to use a case on it, especially since there are times when my children somehow get their hands on it. I have many different cases I rotate through and when I find a new one I really like, that gets added into regular rotation. For the most part, I like slim cases, but there are times when slim cases just won’t cut it and I need something more rugged. The thing is, there aren’t that many rugged cases that I really like mainly because I don’t like the way they look. There are only a few that meet my needs but I may have just found another to add to this very small list of mine. It’s from G-Form and its their Xtreme case for the iPhone 5.



Design and Build

The G-Form Xtreme case is a 3 piece case, though you’ll never notice that fact because you don’t need to pull it apart to install it on your iPhone. All 3 parts stay snugly together but the material is flexible enough where you can basically push your iPhone into it. It’s not flimsy however like a silicone case would be and forms a secure, tight fit around your iPhone 5.

As stated, the Xtreme case is made from 3 layers. The most important layer is the RPT layer (Reactive Protection Technology) which is a proprietary technology only used by G-Form. It’s this layer that provides shock absorbancy from impacts. It feels a bit squishy at first but stiffens on impact to absorb over 90% of that impact energy. After impact, it returns back to its normal state.

iPhone-Red-300-Angle-EPHS00212Encasing the RPT layer is a polycarbonate shell that keeps the case rigid and helps hold it’s shape. It has a soft touch coating for a more comfortable feel while providing more grip as well.  The last layer appears to be made of TPU and lines the inside of the case. This causes this makes up the 3rd layer and sandwiches the RPT at the center. This later provides the snug fit for the iPhone and overlaps part of the front screen. It also has slightly raised bumps at 4 points to provide lay flat screen protection.

The G-Form Xtreme, like all good cases, has all the necessary holes opened up for the ports at the bottom as well as for the mute switch. The volume and sleep/wake button however are covered up and protected by the inner layer for added protection. It also serves the purpose of raising the buttons up because if they were opened up, it would probably be very hard to use these buttons as they would site fairly recessed into the case. This is a small issue I’m finding with the mute switch as it is hard to get at if you have fat fingers.

One of the main design elements on the case is on he back and is the “X” design formed by the RPT and the outer shell. This is supposed to remind you of the “extreme” nature of the case. I just like the fact that the RPT layer gives you that real sense of protection and that it can withstand some really intense drops. That’s even more evident if you’ve ever seen some of G-Forms extreme drop videos on Youtube. It also looks really neat when you start getting into their more wild looking color combinations.

Final Thoughts

I really like the G-Form Xtreme case. It has a rather interesting design to it that might not be for everyone, but it does stand out from all the other rugged cases I’ve seen out there. It is a solid, well made case that isn’t as bulky as I would have thought it’s be. In fact, the case itself is fairly thin, except for the areas where the RPT layer is showing through.

I’ve only had the case on for about a week however so I don’t quite know how it will hold up over time as 3 layers is a lot to worry about as opposed to a case with only 1. I also don’t have the intention of purposefully dropping my case on a hard surface no matter what the case promises it can do. I love my gadgets too much to subject them to that form of abuse despite the fact that is can supposedly survive a 100,100 ft free fall. With that said, the only reason you’d pick up a rugged case like this is for that possible drop you may encounter. It’s better to be safe than sorry and if you never encounter that situation where you actually have to put the case to the test, well then at least you have that peace of mind that this case could save your device for situations like that.

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