skull-bling-extravaganza-black-metallic-case_01Once in a while, I get a case that isn’t exactly for me as it’s more female oriented, so I let my wife use it for a few days and then let me know how it is. This case here is no different as it’s something I definitely wouldn’t use as it’s just too flashy for me, but it’s more her style. I’m referring to the Bling My Thing line of cases which feature genuine Swarovski elements. I’ve looked at another Bling My Thing case in the past but this one today is from their Bling Extravaganza line and is called the Skull because it features the recognizable and hugely popular skull and bones motif. Unlike the case in the past, the backside of the case is entirely covered in 238, 4mm Swarovski elements.

The case itself is made from durable polycarbonate and has a rather interesting finish on it. The interior has an almost silvery chrome finish to it while the exterior is finished off in kind of a pearl black. It’s very different from anything I’ve seen before and really gives off that high end, expensive feeling to it. This color matches up well with the colors of the Swarovski elements chosen for this design which are of Jet Black and Light Siam. You can also get the skull highlighted in regular Crystal, Fuchsia, and Capri Blue.

What sets the Bling My Thing cases apart from other cheap rhinestone cases is that the Swarovski elements used there are flawless. Also the placement of each of these elements are perfect in every way down to the spacing. They are all lined up perfectly with no element out of place. It’s amazing to say the least especially because of how many elements there are on it.

Now the Bling My Thing case however isn’t as protective as other cases out there. It’s your basic snap on case, though the polycarbonate used on it is much thicker and feels of higher quality. It will protect the rear and sides of your iPhone 5 but not the top or bottom edge where the screen is. These areas are exposed, but this is usually the case with most cases of this type. As usual, there re all the necessary openings for all the ports, buttons, and speakers as well as the camera.


  • bold, eye-catching designs for maximum sparkles
  • enlarged camera hole to eliminate flash glare
  • form-fitting with access to all ports
  • durable, scratch-resistant coating

Overall, a very well made case in which you can really see the quality and attention to detail considering how much this case cost. Back to my wife however who I mentioned at the beginning, she said that the case really drew a lot of attention from her friends and all the other moms at our son’s school. They all wondered where she got it from and if it was available for their phones as well. That’s awesome because obviously you get a case like this because you want to show it off and be noticed and if she got the attention that she said she got from this case, well than the case is doing its job. If you’re interested in your own Bling Extravaganza case, check them out here on their site.

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