I don’t know about any other iPhone 5 owner, but I know my personal pet peeve with it is it’s inability to stay charged all day without the need for additional accessories. Granted there are some very stylish not too bulky external chargers but Ive begrudgingly had to purchase lightning adapters in order to get the full benefits and at $20 and $30 a pop I wasn’t a happy camper.

So when I first learned of iKit’s NuCharge for iPhone 5, the idea of having a 2 in 1 accessory for my iPhone intrigued me. Now, I’ve seen battery cases before like Mophie Juice Pack – but, admittedly I wasn’t interested in trying them out simply because the thought of adding any more length to my already newly elongated iPhone just didn’t interest me. However, something about the style and simplicity of the NuCharge made this a personal must have for me. So, after 2 days with a pre-production unit was it everything I hoped for?

Shame on Apple

For not coming up with this idea ages ago. It’s so simple it’s genius – a battery pack that not only doubles your battery life, but does it in style with the option to swap out the rear plates. Meaning – you can leave home with a fashionably slim rear plate or “cover” if you will and if you begin to run low on battery life – which we all know you will – you simply snap on the charger.

No, Really What Does it Do?

Basically, you have a clear snap on case which stays on your phone at all times and serves as a connector for both the Aluminum/Leather (fashionable) cover and the NuCharge battery pack. I found this to be very convenient mostly because I didn’t need to use either lightning adapter I purchased nor did I need to carry any extra cords with me.


My pre production unit came with 50% charge so I immediately wanted to see for myself if the built in Apple connector really worked. Admittedly, on first attempt I got the dreaded error message telling me the accessory doesn’t sync with my device. So after a deep breath and the typical remove count to 10 then reinsert – it worked like a charm.

What’s in the Box

Let me take a second to acknowledge how beautiful the retail packaging is. I am all about presentation and I was more than impressed with how it is packaged. (pics in gallery).

The box actually offers a few goodies:

  • iPhone 5 NuCharge Battery Pack
  • iPhone 5 Aluminium Cover
  • iPhone 5 Snap-on Case
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Micro Fiber Screen Cleaning Cloth (missing from my pre production unit)

When it came time for me to attempt to swap out cases I hit a minor snag. Keeping in mind this is a pre production unit the battery pack was simple enough to slide/snap off but after attaching the Aluminum plate I struggled to take it back off. Luckily it’s made of Aluminim so I was able to “bend” it a little and after I finally wiggled it off I was able to finesse it back into shape with ease. However, I felt for my review period maybe it be best if I just keep the battery pack on at all times.

Surprisingly, because the battery pack is aesthetically pleasing and surface is smooth to the touch I actually preferred this as the staple case to my phone. It was so much more convenient to slide out the attached lightning cable when I needed to charge then slide it back into the case when I was done. Also, along the side there are 4 lighted indicators each representing 25% battery life and on the opposite side there is an on/off button. At any time you can press the button to gauge how much battery life is left. Even better for me since I opted not to switch out cases I didn’t waste any battery life because without the lightning adapter inserted into my phone and the battery turned on the battery actually isn’t being “used” – it’s simply a well protecting case.

Battery Indicator

Kickstand – some have said the kickstand was flimsy but imo it was just sturdy enough for me to not feel like I would snap it off when sliding it out. However, you’ll be happy to know that the final production unit will have an unbreakable reinforced aluminum kickstand.

I think my personal highlight to this is I could have saved the money spent on lightning adapters. The case can be charged with a usb cord. Yes the same cord you power your android devices and cameras with. In case you don’t own one they provide a cord for you. Sooo if you happen to be in a position where you exhaust your phone battery and the charger – you can charge your battery and your phone simultaneously without needed any additional accessory of cord to juice yourself back up.

Where to Find Yours

I want to take the time to thank iKit for sending me the pre-production sample. I know as a company it’s a risk when you’re not sure if the amount of funding will available to go full speed ahead. I respect that believe that much in their product. Also, as a consumer I value every dollar I make and purchasing an iPhone 5 personally caused me to invest in revamping my iPhone 4S accessory closet. Kickstarter, can be a scary place to trust your investment. You have no idea if you truly are getting what you pay for and you have no ones word other than the inventor to rely on when trying to decide in investing your money.

Although I am very happy with my pre-production unit – I am going to personally become a backer so I can get a final production unit and because this case has made me realize just how much I needed this in my life. So, head on over to their Kickstarter page where you can stay updated on their progress, see all the new color options and more importantly you can ask any questions you want and they will be happy to answer you. It also shows video and shows the evolution that the NuCharge for iPhone 5 has gone through since inception.

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