If you follow me on Twitter (@jasonlanderson), you may have not recently I’ve been tweeting a lot about the HTC One, and my want for it. You probably have seen me use the Shut Up and Take My Money meme, and have seen my at replying the HTCUSA twitter account a lot. To say I’m kind of excited about this phone and amped to get a hold of it is like saying nor’easter is just a little breeze of a storm. What is bad is that I currently have the HTC One X+. Yes I’m very Team HTC and the One is no exception to my lust. You might be wondering why I want this phone. Sure there are tons of sites telling you all the spec stuff with why you want this phone, and that is great. But seriously here is why I want it!

Design, Style, and Oh So Fashionable!

I’ve be lying as all hell if I said this thing was sexy. The HTC One has to be hands down the most stylish looking Android device coming to the market right now. From the unibody aluminum casing, to the new version of Sense 5 for the device the HTC One is one attractive looking device. Software and Hardware merge into one fashionable device!

New Features Galore!

HTCOne-silverLet’s count them off. We have HTC Zoe with new way to capture, take 20 photos and a 3 second video and you get a picture that’s alive with Zoe. Then there is HTC BoomSound which brings dual frontal stereo speakers powered by built-in amplifiers which give bigger sounds with less distortion and more detail. Also in this one is an UltraPixel camera which promises to capture 300% more light in each photo. And then there’s BlinkFeed! Right from the home screen pick the social network, news, and feeds you want to stay updated on, and they’ll be right there on your home screen. HTC has many content partners lined up, and you might see your neighborhood gadget fashion critics in there as well! I’m also curious about the Interactive TV guide. I have a harmony remote myself, but the thing that caught my attention was from the phone seeing how far along your program is from the guide on the phone, and being notified your show is on from your phone if you forget.

I Always Want The Latest And Greatest!

HTCOne-Black This is a constant for me and one main driver of new tech gear. I always strive to be at the forefront of any new smartphone or device that is coming out. While this is much harder to do with Android device, I always make an attempt. The HTC One represents HTC’s flagship device for 2013, so with that being the case if you or I wanted to be on the bleeding edge of what is out now, then this is the device you need to get.

All Equations Lead to Me & HTC One Being Together

Simply put the HTC One = Jason Anderson (me). How did I come to this result? Well simple (lol)

HTC One – HTC = One
One = Neo (from the Matrix)
Neo is Mr. Anderson (or Neo = Mr. Anderson)
Anderson + Jason = Jason Anderson
So Jason Anderson = HTC One

Yes my logic and mathematicians is sound lol

In all seriousness the HTC One is looking like the device to own this year and hopefully HTC opens up that marketing budget so they can get the word out to people and get the device out in front of people’s faces!

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