Samsung Galaxy Note II - Shell Gel Ballistic Case

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The Galaxy Note II is a pretty large device coming in 5.55-inches, which makes it the largest mobile device available now.  So you know adding a case to this will most definitely increase the size and weight of it, but this maybe needed depending on the type of person you are. While I have seen the Note II take some impressive drops and hits, who knows the day you have that fatal drop and then you’re left wondering what to do next.

As I covered in my Ballistic case review for the HTC Droid DNA ,the company back at CES have demonstrated their products to take quite a beating but I needed to test out first hand how they would hold up. Just trying to find a case for this behemoth of a phone or as its been coined “phablet” is task in itself. It’s always good to see these big case manufacturers create cases for other phones besides the illustrious iPhone.


The Ballistic Shell Gel is touted as having three layers of protection for your Note II. The first layer is the soft silicone which wraps around the phone pretty snug and equipped Ballistic Corners. There are of course cutouts for the back camera,speaker, USB port and get access to your stylus when need be. While the volume controls/power buttons are covered in silicone, you get a great response off them, possibly better than using it without the case. The second layer is a tough impact resistant polycarbonate shell that goes over the silicone wrap. On top of that is the Ballistic shock absorbent polymer.

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Combining all those elements together and it looks to be an all around protected phone. The style of the Shell Gel isn’t the most eye-catching in the world but the benefits it provides are well worth it. The review unit I received as you can see is black but there is also a black and white version. The layers do add some added grip you might need for your Note II. Couple things that seem to have bothered me with this case was the coverage of the headphone jack. The silicone is pretty high around it and I have some instances where my headphone wires have come out or just dislodged.

Take a Hit?

The Shell Gel feels like it has enough protection that I can fling this bad boy across the room if I liked. I did opt out of my rash thinking and decided like the Ballistic drop test of the Droid DNA to drop it off a couple places such as my desk, bed, etc. The weight of the case will make it sound just as bad hitting the floor then it does.

Checking out the video below I actually dropped it fast down and it flipped around afterwards. Still intact, everything running, and nothing jiggling. Case holds up pretty good in taking a hit. Now I didn’t drop it on any concrete or anything but that’s at your own discretion.


A rounded case that looks to provide great protection for your coveted Samsung Galaxy Note II device. While it provides a little of bulk to the Note II the addition is worth it for one of the best phones on the market today.

Ballistic Shell Gel Series for Samsung Galaxy Note II is available for $39.99 HERE

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