Slim Armor
No matter how you feel about the iPhone 5, you have to admit the collection of available cases is quite enviable. Since I started using an iPhone as one my personal smartphones of choice – I find my requirement for the perfect case is maybe a tad illogical. I wanted my phone BIGGER (screen) yet SMALLER (thinner), but I wanted my case to be Sexy, Slim and be able to Shield my phone from all hurt, harm or danger. Seems pretty impossible I know, but the Spigen Slim Armor Case seemed up for the task, did it fit the bill? Lets see:

In the Box

Usually when I first get a case I rip the package open, pop it on the Phone and keep it moving, but this time I actually savored the opening experience. I know it seems a bit much to “savor” opening any accessory but the presentation was aesthetically pleasing. It comes in a clear hard acrylic case that nicely compliments the Slim Armor and makes you want to take care to open. Once you finally do open it you will find a set of home button stickers in Black, White and Orange that will accentuate either the Black or White model iPhone 5.


Spigen Armor Case-2SPIGEN SGP Slim Armor case for the iPhone 5 is a The TPU case specially designed to absorb shock from any angle by featuring shock absorption on the top, bottom, and corners to effectively protect from external impact. It not only highlights the two-tone design of the iPhone 5 by combining a double layered TPU case and a polycarbonate hard case the design itself is form-fitting. The midsection of the Slim Armor is polycarbonate and has a metallic finish with a matte coating which is supposed to give you the dual sensation of a secure grip with a soft feel. The mid section can actually be removed from the outer TPU case affording you the ability to of interchange the cases with different colors.


The case fits precisely and at quick glance looks like there is actually no case on the iPhone. the speaker opening is designed to take full advantage of the speaker without reducing sound quality. Although they may have hit gold on achieving Little to no interference with the sound quality, it was a bit of a let down to have to “fish” through the opening of the ringer switch to turn it either on or off . The other buttons such as the sleep/wake and volume rocker were nicely aligned with the corresponding raised buttons of the case but I can’t help but admit it took a little getting used to. I found it a bit tight and maybe not raised high enough, however neither are the buttons on the actual phone itself right?

Key Features:

  • Slim and form-fitted to the iPhone 5
  • Two toned colors with a metallic finish
  • TPU case layered with a polycarbonate midsection for extra durability
  • Compatible with Apple EarPods, and earbuds with L-shaped plug (within 6.17mm diameter) including Beats by Dr.Dre.


Aside from the little nuances of the case; stiff buttons, fishing to turn the ringer off and maybe a slight lack in confidence when plugging in your headphones (a little deeply indented)- this case is hands-down one of the best if not THE best in fulfilling the Slim, Sexy and Shielded requirements. Some might be disappointed to know that no screen protector comes with this case.

At the time of my initial review the Slim Armor came only in Metal Slate (black/slate), Gunmetal (black/dark grey) and Satin Silver (Grey/Silver). However, the Slim Armor Color Series is now available. I’m happy to stick with the Metal Slate case I received for review as my everyday case BUT it would be foolish of me to not grab them all @$17.99 each.

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