miniipad_tj_black_web_007When it comes to finding a specific type of case for your Apple device, you can be sure that there is no shortage of them. If you can think of a case you want, more than likely, someone makes it. This has been the case for every Apple device that has ever come out and the new iPad Mini is no different. You’ll find all types of cases for this thing, everything from simple silicone cases to more professional looking folio cases. You’ll also find cases made of all types of different materials like leather, suede, vinyl, polycarbonate, and even aluminum and carbon fiber. It all depends on what your needs are and how you’ll be using your device that dictate the type of case you’ll need.

Now, if you’re an active user carries your iPad Mini everywhere you go and mainly just carry it around in your hands, you may want to look into a tough case that can withstand high drops. When it comes to tough cases, I personally look at Ballistic for my needs. Ballistic makes the Tough Jacket for the iPad Mini which is a 3 layer case that does its best to protect your device from the roughest, toughest conditions.

Design and Build

miniipad_tj_black_web_011The Ballistic Tough Jacket for the iPad Mini is made up of 3 individual layers. There is an inner layer that is made of silicone. This is used as a shock absorber in case you ever drop your iPad Mini. The next layer is made from impact resistant polycarbonate which snaps on over the silicone layer. This provides added protection for the rear and sides of the iPad Mini from hard drops. When combined, you can see how the silicone layer is much thicker at the corners which helps with corner drops. This is a unique feature found in almost every Ballistic product.

Now, just having those two layers would still make this an awesome tough case already but Ballistic took it a step further and added another layer of protection. There is a polycarbonate screen cover that comes with the kit too which will protect your screen when not in use. It’s very heavy duty and snaps on and off. When not in use, it can snap on to the rear of the case. If also has a built in kickstand that can be used to prop up the iPad Mini for video viewing.


  • Advanced three layer protection
  • Layer 1 – Inner silicone layer absorbs shock
  • Layer 2 – Impact resistant hard plastic
  • Layer 3 – Shock Absorbent polymer layer
  • Thicker Ballistic Corners for drop protection
  • Removable cover that can also be used on the back as a kickstand
  • Lay-on-table feature (screen never touches the surface of the table when laid flat)


miniipad_tj_black_web_008Installation of the Ballistic Tough Jacket is fairly simple. First attach the silicone layer and make sure it’s all straight. Next attach the PC layer on the rear. You’ll want to make sure the silicone layer is tucked in correctly and that all the seams line up. You can leave the case like that if you want or use the 3rd piece an snap that on to the rear for another layer of protection and the ability to use the kickstand. When you want to store your iPad mini, just snap the rear cover off and snap it onto the front instead to protect your screen during transport or storage. It snaps on the same way on the front as it does in the rear.

The front cover is very sturdy and stay locked in place quite well. However, it’s also very simple to operate and very easy to snap the front cover on and off when you need to. Note that the Ballistic Tough Jacket is quite bulky thanks to all the protection and layers it includes so if you’re looking for something thin, this isn’t it. However if you’re looking for a case that will protect your iPad Mini like a tank, the Tough Jacket fits the fill. It’s like encasing your iPad Mini in a suit of armor.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to protection, I always look to Ballistic for a solution. I’ve used their cases for all my previous Apple devices and have been quite happy with their level of protection. It’s not the type of case however that I use on a daily bases due to it adding a bit of bulk to my devices, but if I know I’m heading somewhere where I need that level of protection, I will put it on. For instance, on vacations I always switch to a more protective case only because I find myself using it more often and since those are the times my kids use my device more often, I don’t need them accidentally dropping and breaking them.

With that said, if you have an iPad Mini, especially one that you let you kids use, I highly recommend that you invest in the Ballistic Tough Jacket, or any tough case for that matter. From my experience, gadgets, no matter what they are always seem to just slip out of their hands so why not have that added protection for those times when it does happen. It’s better to get that protection up front than having to repair or replace a device later.

The Ballistic Tough Jacket for the iPad mini is available now and has a suggested retail price of $59.99.


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