Like a well oiled machine Justin Timberlake hits you with a Pre-Super Bowl Performance, Grammy Performance, a Target Promo Commercial and now on Valentine’s Day he drops the Official “Suit & Tie” Music Video featuring the Big Homie Jay-Z. Continuing with the classic black and white theme from the Lyrical Music Video including Jigga this time around, the video reminds me of the Brat Pack preparing for one of their infamous Vegas performances. And with that being said the performance and music video doesn’t disappoint. The HD smacks you in the face with crisp visuals and it captures the iconic-ness (if that’s even a word lol) of two Hall of Fame artist at the top of their game getting to the music game in 2013. So much that the two heavy hitters are set to do a stadium US tour together this summer. It’s a Power Grown & Sexy video with JT going back to his dancing roots with the smoothness like he’s never lost a step. Fluid and effortless goes the steps as well as the video…..(Looks in closet and brushes off the tux)

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