Kunai-Pic-1-600x480There is no denying when it comes to console headsets, Trittions are dominating the market. Whether it’s for the causal gamer who just needs them to chit chat online for a few or the hard-core gamer who will use the pro headsets to discuss tactical set-ups with their teams it seems they have you covered on every system, or so we thought.


The Kunai has the typical design we’ve come to know from Tritton bright colors, good quality sound and a bold design. These headsets are not as big the previous one, they a tad bit smaller, which is great because they don’t have much weight to them. The glossy white finish meshes well with the glossy black finish of the Wii U, unless you purchased the 8GB Basic Set, then it will match it perfectly. The ear cups are much smaller than many other competitors’.


The Kunai for the Nintendo Wii U doesn’t feature a whole lot, especially when it comes to being a gaming headset. It has the typical detachable microphone and in-line controller. The in-line cord is attached to the 3- foot cable, and is used to control the volume and mute chat. There is no set up required on the system; it’s just a simple plug in to the Wii U GamePad– and play. This can also be plugged into the Nintendo 3DS for the same functionality.

To accommodate with most audio devices out there today, the headset does use a standard 3.5mm jack. However, with the short cable, it did fall victim to unplugging quite often. This is a headset used for not only gaming, but for listening to music. It features similar 40mm neodymium drivers for stereo sound. If you are looking for a headset that has multiple functionality and does not have that obese look to it, then the Kunai series is perfect.

The quality is actually good not the best even though it is not in full surround sound, it has some excellent stereo sound. The only big gripe I have with the headset is when playing on the Wii U; you only hear what the Wii U game pad outputs. The game audio is output through the television while the communication and inventory is controlled through the game pad. This is what you hear and not the actual game itself.

I’m not to saying that the 40mm speakers don’t pack a loud punch, but rather the sound source itself. The set will differentiate left and right channel noises along with movements, but only if the Wii U game pad supports it. The left and right audio seemed to work better with the Nintendo 3DS. The headset actually sounded better on the handheld than the Wii U. The Kunai is not just for the Wii U and 3Ds you can also use them as headphones for your MP3 player. The sound through the headset sounds just like a standard set of stereo headphones.


The Kunai is a good headset overall, Overall, It has the intangibles of being a headset or headphones, by just detaching the microphone. Aside from the in-line controller, the headset doesn’t have any kind of special features, but where it lacks in features, it makes up for in sound. The sound quality is good and the headset feels great around your ears. If you’re looking for a really nice headset for the 3DS or Wii U, you really can’t beat this one.

Price: $49.99.

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