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SOL REPUBLIC - Master Tracks Box - G Style Magazine While there wasn’t a lot of companies bringing the wow factor at this CES, Sol Republic took home one of our Best In Show awards with the release of their latest product, the Master Tracks. Sol Republic already has a great line up of products with their Tracks, Tracks HD, Remix, and both Amps and Amps HD. The Master Tracks bring the release of their X3 sound engines, a nearly indestructible interchangeable headband, and some cool colors to boot.


SOL REPUBLIC - Master Tracks - G Style Magazine - Side The Master Tracks look very good, but they haven’t done too much to it so it isn’t over the top. Sol Republic’s headphones are very simple in design, but is it this simplicity that make it look good. The Master Tracks I received at CES 2013 came in the GunMetal which is like a dark gray-ish color. The Master Tracks will also come in White (White/Black design) and Electro Blue (Blue/Black design). I’m most excited about the Electro Blue with it being my favorite color and all.

The headband is similar to the other existing models, but the padding on the top is a little different. There is extra padding with the Master Tracks. Other than this, the Master Tracks resemble many of the other models with just a slight bigger cushion on the ear pieces. This gives it a beefier look to it, but still simple. And simple is stylish!


SOL REPUBLIC - Master Tracks - G Style Magazine - Overview When it comes to the sound the Master Tracks produce, I didn’t find myself wanting for more. The mids, high, and lows were good, and the bass on them is pleasing. I love that no matter what genre of music I was listening to (won’t lie mostly Hip Hop and R&B), the bass didn’t take away from the the highs, mids, and the vocals of the song. I could clearly hear the person singing/rapping over the music in the background with ease.

But that bass, oh how I love bass and the Master Tracks didn’t disappoint. It boomed when it needed to, with no distortion to it. Besides the bass, the speaker cushions went perfect over my ears providing a nice isolation to the noise around so that I could enjoy just the music.


SOL REPUBLIC - Master Tracks - G Style Magazine - Overview Box So far the Master Tracks is another hit for Sol Republic! They looks good, sounds good, and have been very comfortable when wearing them. These headphones are very light weight so when I place around my neck, I don’t feel like they are wearing me down. The cushion while big are soft and very comfortable. Long time use doesn’t hurt my ears or head like some other headphones can.

Now the Master Tracks will run you about $199.99, which isn’t too bad consider the high cost of more premium headphones now a days going from $299 and more. And with that cost your getting a great pair of headphones that you can interchange with other parts from the Sol Republic line, so if you like to customize these are a pair of headphones you definitely want.

Wrap Up

The Sol Republic Master Track can be pre-ordered in Gunmetal now for $199.99, while the White and Electro Blue is coming soon. Check it out and more at

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