Roots Rock – House of Marley Upgrades Their Style & Goes Bluetooth! [CES 2013]

The last time we talked about House of Marley, we was reviewing the TTR noise cancelling headphones. Yesterday we took a look at the House of Marley to see what cool items they had on tap for 2013, and I must say; I enjoyed what I seen while walking around.

What item that really caught my attention was the Roots Rock Portable Bluetooth Audio System. With the Roots Rock you can wirelessly stream music. It has an built-in rechargeable battery, Bluetooth, and convenient 3.5mm input which makes it simple and easy to connect hundreds of devices and fire up your tunes whenever and wherever you need them. The exclusive REWIND TM fabric cover conveniently folds and snaps to form a stabilizing stand. Perfect for the beach, family picnic, or just hanging out. The Roots Rock looks great and will run you about $199.99. These also happened to be the product Rohan Marley was most excited about when I asked I spoke to him briefly while at the booth.

The Root Rocks can again look awesome and can be purchased later this year!

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