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Were you overwhelmed with the amount of portable batteries and chargers in 2012? They seem to be rising in numbers making it difficult to choose. Prepare for more! The popular power company; myCharge has announced a new lineup of batteries and portable chargers. I am impressed with what I saw at CES.

You may have heard of the myCharge Peak 6000 and Summit 3000; those items have been replaced with the myCharge Hub collection. Keeping with the style of the Peak and Summit; the new Hub collection is even more powerful. With all the ports built-in; the myCharge has a micro USB, a USB and a lightning (iPhone 5, iPad Mini, New iPad) cable. There are 3 hubs with 3 levels of battery power: 3000 mAh, 6000 mAh, and 9000 mAh. The 3000 and 6000 mAh versions have built-in outlet prongs for easy charging.

They also announced the AMP, AMPxt series (for rugged use) portable chargers ; the Freedom Powercase Series for smartphones.
myCharge AMP Portable Charger / Battery - 2013 CES - Analie Cruz - Tech - Red
The AMP is a quick and easy boost for your device. It’s available in 2000 mAh, 4000 mAh, and 6000 mAh. They are $29.99, $39.99, and $49.99 respectively.

myCharge AMPxt Portable Charger / Battery - 2013 CES - Analie Cruz - Tech - 6000The AMPxt is for rugged use. For example; a construction worker can carry this portable charger around and not have to worry about damaging it. A person who does many outdoor activities such as hiking will find this a great pick as well.

myCharge Freedom Powercase Series - 2013 CES - Analie Cruz - TechThe Freedom Powercase Series offers everything needed from a smart case: protection, fashion, and function. The case is still a battery but offers great protection without blocking the necessary ports. Just cause you’re charging the phone on the go; it doesn’t mean you stop functioning.

I’m glad to see that myCharge is also supporting Android devices. It hasn’t been easy finding a battery pack case for Android phones. I will definitely be upgrading my myCharge portable chargers.

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