Sphero_PhonesNow and again I will run into these little fun looking gadgets that look like they would be fun for kids but don’t peak my interest as much. So walking through the halls of CES I come across this glowing ball rolling around the floor. It looked cool but how cool could it be?

Sphero is a robotic ball that can be controlled from your smartphone device whether it be iOS or Android. You can do simple things such as getting it to roll around the floor and controlling where it goes, or there are several augmented reality games you can play with it. Getting a brief hands-on with it I was amazed at just how simple such a product could be and how easy it was to control.

With the Sphero you can get up to one hour of playtime and when it’s on its last leg you can use the included induction charger to juice it back up and continue your path to endless fun. I was only able to test it going a few feet, though it’s been stated that it can reach distances as far as 50ft. Also it’s able to support a ton of weight on it (as a Sphero literally stated on it) and is even water resistant.

From the little bit of time I spent with it, it is definitely a blast and would love to see the full-fledged features associated with it and the 20+ apps available for it.

Sphero is available in various retailers and look out for a full on review from us soon.

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