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G Style Giveaway Week 3: A50 Wireless Headset by Astro Gaming *Closed*

It is now week 3 and we stepped it up a notch. Are you serious about your gaming? But want to be comfortable at the same time with no wires, well this week we are giving you a pair of the top of the line wireless headsets by Astro Gaming, the A50s! These cans are just beasts and allow you to game with no wires at all. But don’t sleep, being wireless doesn’t mean reduced quality, the A50s have to be the best that is out right now, so enter to win!

To enter, leave a comment and say what video game that has come out in 2012 deserves to be labeled “The Best”! Winner will be picked on Friday, good luck!

***And the winner is xoxoJuicyxoxo! Congrats on your win. However you didn’t leave a email address with your comment. So if you follow us on Twitter hit us up on there. You’ll have until the end of the day to contact us***

If you didn’t win this week, we have next week and the grand prize pack still remaining! :o)

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  1. ok not COD cuz ppl bitch about the servers for years and they still havent fixed it for xbox, same thing for knifing and they say they dont wanna promote camping but throw in Target Finder? Ok, dont get me wrong the game has good aspects but the company dont listen to the consumer. But I really think Mass Effect deserves it despite the ‘ending’ controversy they listened to the consumer and made their game fantastic, I really loved it after the ‘fixed’ ending,

  2. Mass Effect 3. It”s still a difficult choice I like borderlands 2, Halo 4, Assassins Creed 3, and don’t get me wrong Black Ops 2 has it’s problems but you still can’t beat its multiplayer and zombies experience. Still Mass Effect 3 made an all out amazing game.

  3. It’s kind of hard to answer this question if don’t play some of the games that may have just came out. But with what I’ve heard about some games I would have to say Far Cry 3. I think this because the game just gives off so much thought out gameplay and is well rounded being a franchise. Plus I’ve heard about the level editor for PC is pretty crazy and I hope I get a chance to try it!

  4. Ok … ive bought almost every big title game borderlands 2 , sleeping dogs , MoH , hslo 4 and black ops2 . But the best has been Far Cry 3! I think it surprised a lot of reviewers and gamers. I played the multiplayer at pax east and had a chance to win Astros in a tournament but lost :-(. Far cry really is a full package game well worth the price. Open world with so many elements. Story, co-op and multiplayer. .I cant see myself trading this game.

  5. In my opinion, Halo 4 was by far the best game of 2012 due to both its engaging campaign and multiplayer. Halo 4 actually made successful innovations to the franchise with both the story of the campaign and the feel of multiplayer. Mass Effect 3 had a decent story however it was a let down if compared to previous ME games. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is simply another COD game with minor improvements and more let downs. Overall I feel Halo 4 is a better game overall out of the best selling titles of 2012

  6. The Best? It’s probably got to go to … Dishonored for sheer blow you away raw “here Mr Gamer take me and do whatever the hell you want”ness. Beautiful art, thrilling story, kid in a candy store feeling, and freedom…. BUT i did rampantly fanboyishly devour Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, and pity for the defunct amazing potential of the company that made that game could put it at the top of my list. Can it be a tie? … Hmm… I suppose it falls to Dishonored, but only by that thinnest hair.

  7. Hmm.. i would give the best game of the year to assassins creed 3. The sheer amount of work put into the story line and the reality of the history and play style is amazing! They deserve an award for the hard work put into the game.

  8. COD Black Ops II. Although the servers do have issues when you have a top rated game with millions of users then your going to have server issues. Camping you cant stop and the target finder can be overcome with cold blooded and a little skill. The spawns in MP are a little jacked but it does help solve the camping issue slightly. COD will always be my favorite.

  9. The “best game” to me in 2012 was Black Light Retribution. It took FPS and gave it something that was different; it is easy to pick up to play, is unique and fast paced. This easy to learn game was definitely a really great game that came out this year.

  10. I feel as though Borderlands 2 should be labeled as the best of 2012 because it has a great story, keeps you preoccupied for a long time, is great to play with friends and the graphics are great. Borderland 2 keeps the gamer really indulged, I believe


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