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G Style Holiday Giveaway Week 2: A40 2013 Edition by Astro Gaming *Closed*

Let’s do this again! Last week we gave away a pair or A30s, this week we are back with the A40 2013 edition. The good just keeps getting better. Here is a review we did of the Saints Row A40 edition

Leave a comment below letting us know what was the first video game system you ever owned and good luck. We’ll pick a winner on Friday.

***And the winner is Mooty! Congrats Mooty for your win. However you didn’t leave us any email address for us to contact us. If you follow us on Social media, hit us up so we can let you know how to collect your prize!***

And that is it folks, didn’t win this week, be sure to enter in next week as the prizes just keep getting better, and don’t forget our grand pack that we pick on the 31st! All thanks to Astro Gaming!

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  1. First “System” played was a PC with my dad’s flight simulators, but I suppose you could say that the 2600 was the first console I had. I found an old one in a yard sale when I was about 12. Activision’s Frostbite is still my favorite 2600 game, I think.

  2. The first game system I ever played on was the Sega! I wish I still had it but sadly I don’t. My first ever handheld was the game boy color which I don’t know where is and am truly sad also. Thanks G Style for doing these giveaways you rock!

  3. The my family owned was an intellivison, they eventually bought the Atari game converter. Then a NES, my first personally owned system was a PlayStation 1.

  4. The my family owned was an intellivison, they eventually bought the Atari game converter. Then a NES, my first personally owned system was a PlayStation 1.

  5. omg I just found this on Twitter and my first console was the PS2, I only had DDR at the time but it was awesome :D so cool of you to do this I hope I can win since Im a broke college girl haha XD <3 goodluck!

  6. I had a gamecube first in grade school years ago xD btw this Disqus thing isnt the best in the world since it gives me errors everytime I wanna change my profile pic, just a heads up :/

  7. My first console was the beloved N64! Teaching me how to defeat Bowser, training me in FPS with the classic one joystick movement on Goldeneye, Perfect Dark and ofcourse DOOOOM! Feeling nostalgic…

  8. Hey it’s Marty from Twitter and you linked me here to enter :] thanks for this guys, my first video game system was actually the xbox 360 so I strolled into video games pretty late but enjoy it nonetheless. Goodluck & thank you. God bless.

  9. my first console was the original gameboy, a hand-me-down from my cousin with a ton of games. he’s still my favourite family member for that. my first non-handheld was the playstation, guess i just had a thing for grey bricks.

  10. As a broke college student, I can say I live off freebies like these (though I hardly if ever win). My first console was a SEGA Genesis as a little child. Man do I feel old even thinking about it!

  11. I work full time to pay for my full time college so i don get many chances to treat myself to anything cause id like to be out of school debt free. Ive only ever had one console and thats the xbox 360 and usually have to sell my old games if i want a new one like cod =[ id really wanna win

  12. My first console was a Gameboy Color that I bought off my friend for twenty dollars because I couldn’t afford the newest system at the time “Gameboy Advance.” The countless hours I logged with my Gameboy; playing Frogger 2, Super Mario Bros, and Pokemon was simply the most memorable experience of my childhood. I remember playing till the batteries died and tried using static electricity by rubbing the batteries with my hands to gain a few more precious minutes. :D good times good times
    oh yea who can forget blowing on the cartridges when they wouldnt boot, the ultimate fix.

  13. My 1st console was the original Nintendo (nes) playing super mario for hours. I remember leaving my console on while I was at school all day just not to lose the level I was on lol. Kids dont k ow about tyat lol.


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