On that rare occasion where the battery life on your iPhone 5 just doesn’t cut it, you can always use an external battery pack that will give you an extra boost of power. The problem with that is that you need to carry around an extra thing with you in a bag or backpack, otherwise it’s a hassle. Sure there are cases out there that have integrated backup batteries on them, but they are usually very bulky and most of the time, you may not even need to use them on a daily bases. With that said, iBattz has something different that I have no seen any other company do before. They have a new case called the Mojo Hi5 that integrates a removable battery pack on it.

You see, the Mojo Hi5 is actually a 2 piece case. The first part just likes like a typical snap on hard case that attaches to your iPhone 5. It adds very little bulk and this is the portion of the case that you can leave on at all times. The 2nd part of the case consists of a lightweight, 2500mAh battery enclosed in aluminum. The battery pack snaps on to the back of the case when you need to have it with you. If not, you can just take it off and store it somewhere. To charge, just insert a tiny included USB to lightning port cable to start charging. What’s great about the Mojo Hi5 too is that you can also recharge other USB devices as well, not just the iPhone 5 and charging those devices or recharging the battery pack will not block access to the lightning port.

You’ll be able to pick up the iBattz Mojo Hi5 for $79.90 and is available in either a matte black or glass white case.


Press Release

RAMSEY, NJ – November 29, 2012 – iBattz, creators of intelligent power solutions, introduces their first protective battery case for iPhone® 5 with the Mojo Hi5 Powerbank Case. The Mojo Hi5 case is a two-part protective case that features a detachable 2500mAh aluminum battery to keep users powered up on the go. The battery is thin, lightweight and complementary to the iPhone 5’s minimalistic design. In addition, it can also be used to power other USB devices.

Functionality and design were key components in the development of the Mojo Hi5. This is evident in the sleek outer case which fuses flawlessly with the slim form of the iPhone 5. The user has the option to use the battery or just protect their phone with the thin yet protective case. The 2500mAh battery effortlessly attaches to the case for charging on the go, and is removable for charging other USB enabled devices.

Included with the Mojo Hi5 Powerbank case is the 2500mAh battery, matte black and gloss white cases, USB to Micro USB charging cable, Velcro strap and a short flex USB cable for charging the iPhone 5 when connected with the Apple Lightning to micro USB adapter, available at the Apple Store and online, sold separately.

“Attention to detail is key for us at iBattz. Staying true to the sleek design of the new iPhone 5, we made sure to create a case that would perfectly complement this stunning phone,” said Richard Martin, President, iBattz North American operations. “The Mojo Hi5 provides immediate snap-on power and quick charging capability — it’s a must-have accessory for people always on-the-go.”

The Mojo Hi5 Powerbank Case is available at Amazon.com and usa.ibattz.com for a MSRP of $79.90

About iBattz
iBattz creates award-winning products through innovative design to enhance the technology essential to our lives. We offer a full line of power accessories designed for Apple® iPhone® and other intelligent mobile devices.

With over 10 years of experience in R&D, industrial design, and manufacturing of battery technology, you can trust the reliability and performance of all iBattz products.

For more information about the Mojo Hi5 and full line of iBattz products visit the website usa.iBattz.com

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