My wife got an iPhone 5 at the same time I got mine. It was her first iPhone she’s ever owned so she wanted it to look really special. That means that she wanted a really special case for it. The one type of case she has been begging me for since she got her phone was a bling case. By bling, I mean she wanted a case that had rhinestones or shiny bits on it as well as something that looked really girly. With that said, I’ve been keeping an eye out for something that fits the bill and I think I found it with the new Bling My Thing iPhone 5 collection of cases that feature real SWAROVSKI elements embedded in the case.

The case I was sent is the one you see here. It’s a special pink metallic mirror color that is very different from the standard transparent case that the other Bling My Thing cases come in. For any one with a white iPhone 5, the pink adds some color to an otherwise plain phone.

The case itself is a hard shell case that snaps tightly to the iPhone. It’s very similar to other hard shell cases I’ve seen in the past. It protects the rear and sides of the iPhone 5, but does not cover the top and bottom portions of the phone. It does have access to all the necessary ports and features and does do a decent job of protection. However, most people who buy any of the Bling My Thing cases probably don’t really care how protective it is and really buy it for the looks.

For starter, because the case uses real SWAROVSKI elements, the stones on this case are flawless. Unlike cheap rhinestones that can vary in quality, each one of the stones on this case look immaculate. With this specific case, the Milky Way / Love mix, it has white, pink, and red elements. It really is a beautiful case and the quality of which is very impressive. Normally I find “bling” cases to be quite excessive, but the Bling My Thing case keeps the gaudiness to a minimum and remines quite classy.

The Bling My Thing Pink Metallic Mirror Case for iPhone 5 : in the Milky Way / Love Mix combination retails around $65.00. It includes the case, an ultra clear screen protector, and a microfiber cleaning cloth. You can purchase these from the official Bling My Thing here in other designs and colors.


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