Darksider fans if you were wondering when a company was going to make memorabilia for you’re favorite game the wait is over.

Triforce the makers of Gears of War 2 and 3, Mass Effect 3 and Batman Arkham City statues announced today the first items from its Darksiders II collection.

Main protagonist Death and his companion Dust have been recreated a Premier Scale Statue in both a standard edition and exclusive “End of Days” Edition. In addition to the statues a full 1:1 scale version of Death’s scythe is available at www.projecttriforce.com.

DEATH & DUST PREMIER: Like his fellow Horsemen, Death is of a race known as Nephilim – among the most powerful beings in the Universe. When Mankind was given the prize of Eden, Absalom – leader of the Nephilim – led his armies against Heaven and Hell in an attempt to steal it back. For this crime, the Charred Council condemned the Nephilim to destruction.

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse were granted a reprieve from this fate on the condition they aid the Council’s victory over their kin. The Horsemen accepted, but it was Death who bore the greatest burden of guilt for the near extinction of his race. Donning his iconic mask to represent his role as executioner on the day he slaughtered his brethren, he has not removed it since.

DEATH SCYTHE FULL SCALE REPLICA: The Pale Riders primary weapons are his twin scythe, which he wields with practiced lethality. His ability to dispense mayhem with these trademark tools is unparalleled! The Scythes have the advantage of being quick to wield and devastating to ones enemies

The three products are available for pre-order at www.projecttriforce.com. The Death & Dust Premier Scale Statue (32″H x 30″W x 24″L) has a run size of 500 units worldwide and retails for $600. The “End of Days” Exclusive variant (32″H x 30″W x 24″L) is limited to 150 units worldwide and retails for $650. Both statues feature working LED lights in them.

The 1:1 Full Scale Replica of Death’s Scythe (500 units worldwide) is a massive 48″H x 5″W x 70″L, features LED lights and retails for $900. All three products are scheduled to ship by the end of the 2nd quarter of 2013.

“We are all fans of the Darksiders universe brought to life by Vigil and THQ. It was a great challenge for us to tackle the art style created by Joe Madureira when working on the Death statue,” said Drew Seldin of TriForce. “From a sheer scale point of view the Death Scythe replica is by far our most ambitious mass produced piece we have ever worked on.”

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