If you haven’t read by prior reviews, I love listening to music and am always looking for that next pair of headphones to help me zone out whether on my daily NYC commute or leisure stroll.

I also don’t mind catching an eye or two in the process while wearing them. “Fly” by Soul By Ludacris were released recently and are pegged as being their premium pair of In-Ear Headphones. At first glance you will notice it has a premium price tag, but is it worth the listen?


“FLY” have a silver metallic outer shell and black ear buds. The black audio wires are flat cables with a silver coupler to position the length where you want them. Another plus is the wire is untangle-able. Just pulling them right out the pocket and plug-in is easy. On the right ear is a in-line mic with volume control. Unfortunately the media controls don’t work with Android devices but the mic does. Conversations using it can be heard clear with no break up from the listening party. Some didn’t even know I was using the headphones. The design itself is good as it has a distinct look but it’s not overly loud with it at the same time.


Running them through the gauntlet of different genres of music they seem to hold up well. Blasting Limp Bizkit’s “Break Stuff”, the mix of blaring vocals, drums and guitar riffs can be heard clearly without any distortion alongside the booming bass. Adele sounded just as lovely singing the theme song for “Skyfall”. The mid and highs can definitely be felt here.

Listening to music was a joy listening to on the “Fly”. I wish there was a little more bass pushed into these, but then again since these are going directly in the ear canal it’s not such a bad thing. Isolating music from getting out and also stopping noise getting in was definitely a plus. Never a fan of people hearing what I listen to. Just seems obnoxious to me. I tried to compare them to Sol Republic Amps headphones to see if it was just a price difference but the clarity in these were held in much higher regard.


Some of the better ear buds I have used in some time. Providing excellent sound quality and very comfortable in the ear. Even wearing them for long periods of time didn’t feel any pain or discomfort.

I think if you’re looking for a premier listening earphone experience then these would be worth the price tag. I know $149.99 does sound like a lot for some buds but once you give them a listen your mind will be altered. If headphones are more your style there are also the Soul SL150 model we recently reviewed also.

The Soul By Ludacris “Fly” are available now at Apple retailers or Soul By Ludacris for $149.99.

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