I don’t usually care about home phones that are connected to landlines mainly because for the most part, they pretty much all look the same and the technology with landline phones hasn’t really changed over the years. There’s also the fact that many people in this day and age actually don’t even have a home phone anymore and rely on their mobile phones for everything. Mobile phones are just more convenient and honestly, who wants to be walking around talking on a handset that looks like it came straight out of the 90’s?

Well, Swissvoice may have something that you actually want to use if you still have a landline. It’s called the ePure DECT cordless phone and it literally is a work of art that you want to display. This is by far the most stylish landline phone I’ve ever seen. It looks like a very minimalistic phone but it’s packed with some pretty modern tech. You get 10 hours of talk time, built in alarm, ringtones, auto answer, and a backlit LCD display.

You can find the Swissvoice ePure phone now at Amazon.

Press Release

Paris – November 8, 2012 – Swissvoice, a leading developer of original telecommunications products for more than a century, today announced the availability of their ePure cordless phone at Amazon.com and Amazon.ca. Offering unprecedented audio and ergonomic comfort, the ePure DECT cordless phone is an ideal upgrade to landline calling.

Your home phone will never be the same with this stylish phone, a functional piece of art in any modern house. The handset’s large acoustic chamber and speakers optimize sound volume and clarity. The ergonomic design allows the user to comfortably hold the handset and reduces acoustic leaks. The ePure cordless phone is packed with attractive features including a backlit LCD display, 10 hours of talk time, alarm, ringtones, and auto answer.

Like the other products in Swissvoice’s ePure line, the cordless telephone employs Fulleco technology to lower the body’s exposure to electromagnetic emissions by 65%. In addition, the phone is designed to consume less power, making it less harmful to the environment.

“We created the ePure cordless phone to be the perfect synthesis of design and function,” explains ePure Director Adrian Green. “Drawing on our one hundred year history and experience, we know surpassed traditional expectations to deliver a home phone with modern technology in an iconic package.”

The ePure cordless phone is now available for $99.99 at Amazon.com or Amazon.ca.  For more information on Swissvoice and the ePure products, visit swissvoice.net.

About Swissvoice
Swissvoice, established in Switzerland since 1893, is a leading developer of original telecommunications products for the home and mobile industry. The foundation of Swissvoice’s success is its market experience in Switzerland coupled with the company’s technical know-how and innovative prowess. Swissvoice combines sleek, modern style with pioneering technology, health and environment consciousness, and audio performance to bring something different to the market. For more information on Swissvoice and the ePure products, visit swissvoice.net.