For all you Madden fans who hate having to leave the game because you have to go to work or run some errands, the guys over at EA came up with Madden NFL 13 Social.

Madden NFL 13 Social is a game for all skill levels, providing straightforward play calling for the master strategist and on-field action for those who want direct control of their team. The game combines elements of the fan-favorite Madden Ultimate Team with unique mobile gameplay to create a brand-new experience.

Fans can open card packs, set their lineups and buy and sell cards in the auction house to assemble an unbeatable roster. Every offensive drive earns coins, allowing fans to jump into the shop and buy new card packs, further improving their squad.

Madden NFL 13 Social features explosive offensive action with true cross-platform play, a first for the franchise. The asynchronous gameplay allows football devotees the opportunity to challenge friends to a game on their iPad, play a few drives on Facebook, then continue the action on the iPhone.

Playing the game on Facebook is as simple as selecting an offensive play and then watching the results produced by the authentic Madden NFL sim engine.

iPhone and iPad users can take matters into their own hands by swiping the touchscreen for spins and jukes, as well as tapping open receivers down field to deliver the perfect strike over the defense.

Sorry Android users Madden NFL 13 Social is not yet offered and I’m not hearing anything as of yet if they will have it. I will keep you posted if they do.

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