With the rise of media players and smartphones also came the rise of headphone use. As a New Yorker; it’s one of the things I need in my bag. Headphones are basically a part of our wardrobe.

Monster; known for their high quality headphones makes sure that those headphones that we tote everywhere are stylish as well. They have announced the release of their new Diamond Tears headphones. I am looking forward to reviewing these soon. Check the presser below for details!

Press Release – Monster Diamond Tears

New York, NY— Monster, the global leader in the development and manufacturing of high-performance headphones, seamlessly merged the worlds of fashion and audio earlier this year with the worldwide launch of its Diamond Tears – Edge™ High Definition Music Headphones (SRP: $349.95), created in alliance with renowned music producer J.Y. Park, founder of JYP Entertainment. Originally available in a stunning clear version, Monster is introducing a brand new Black Diamond version of Diamond Tears.

Fashion to Be Seen and Heard!
Monster Diamond Tears are literally fashion to be seen and heard, featuring Pure Monster Sound® in a stunning diamond-inspired design. Their unique style and performance capabilities create a music listening experience that’s edgy and stimulating, yet also smooth – so you never tire of it and will always enjoy it.
Diamond Tears-Edge headphones give style-conscious consumers a brand new way to enjoy all their favorite music with superior sound and performance. They bring together Monster’s world renowned audio engineering, instrumental in the creation of the breakthrough Beats by Dr. Dre™ headphone sound, with J.Y. Park’s musical vision and expertise for a truly unique and powerful personal listening solution.

Diamond Tears – Edge headphones feature a bold, jewelry like appearance with a multi-faceted design. The sound is pure Monster – rich, powerful audio that is super detailed and accurate across all frequencies, so music sounds the way the original artist intended it to be heard.

Noel Lee, the Head Monster, noted, “Monster is always looking for ways to give our customers new way to express themselves and their tastes, while also enjoying the best quality music listening experience possible. J.Y. Park is one of the world’s most influential new taste-makers of music and entertainment, and we are thrilled to be able to work with him to create such an amazing new type of headphone. Diamond Tears are really the first-ever personal listening solution to combine ultimate-quality sonic performance with such an astounding, fashion-forward design.”

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