You know something, the Ford line of cars is something great. We have done a few test drives of their vehicles and have always left with a good feeling. This holds true with the Ford Escape as well. But does it have G Style is the question, so let’s jump right into that.


The Ford Escape is an attractive looking car (don’t think we would talk about it here if it wasn’t lol). From the front it looks very similar to the Ford Focus, almost like a big brother in a sense. The car we had come in Ruby Red, and while I’m not much of a Red fan the Escape does look nice in red. The exterior has a nice sporty feel which I like and its size works well with it.

On the inside, the interior cabin is simple but nicely done. There is plenty of room, and the cabin is airy. I especially like the sunroof as it brings a nice calming light into the cabin on a sunny day. Most of the dashboard looks very similar to the Focus, which isn’t to say this is a bad thing. Overall inside and out, the Escape is a nice small-sized SUV.


Ford doesn’t let me down with it comes to the tech inside the car. Like on the Focus and the Mustang (and Flex which I’m reviewing now), many of the features I care about are included. You want to make phones calls and stream your machine to the car you can via Bluetooth. That right there is the first thing I look for when I first get into the vehicle. If this is missing, points drop rapidly with my opinion of the car.

Moving beyond the Bluetooth streaming, the Escape had key-less entry, power windows, a nice sound system by Sony, Satellite radio, and Navigation. Also present was dual climate control. I also liked the feature for opening the trunk in the back. No need to press the button on the key or reach for any buttons on the back of the car, simply (but lightly) kick the back bumper of the car and the trunk door will open. Comes climb in handy when your hands are full!


The Ford Escape Titanium was a nice vehicle to drive. I had no major complain during my travels with it. fuel consumption is reasonable, 22 City/30 Hwy MPG. During a week’s use of commuting and running errands it did pretty well on gas.

The key-less entry is always nice as I can just walk up to the car, touch the handle and then open the car. The ride itself is smooth, as the car handles bumps, pot holes, and similar situations very well. The sounds in the car is good, but could be better. It is definitely pleasant, but wish it had some more bass with it. This isn’t completely the fault of Ford or the Escape. I’m guessing I’m spoil to sound in a car after listening to Beats Audio in the Chrysler 300 S.

Wrap Up

The Titanium edition starts off around $30,370. If you are looking for a smaller size SUV, you wouldn’t do bad in going with the Ford Escape. The sounds isn’t as good as I would like, but for most people this will be just fine. The ride is smooth, fuel consumption is decent, and all the standard tech goodies is present. The Ford Escape has G Style, and I would have no problem recommending this one to anyone!