For all those who insist on buying speakers or audio solutions that rely on docks and connectors, I highly suggest going the Bluetooth method for wireless connectivity instead. Many of today’s mobile phones feature Bluetooth technology, so why not make use of that? If you buy an audio solution that has a dock, you might find that in the future, you won’t be able to use it anymore. For example, many people with the old 30-pin dock accessories can no longer use them with the new iPhone 5 Lightning port. This could have easily been solved if they had Bluetooth accessories instead because those work on almost any Bluetooth enabled device. With that said, CUBEDGE today announced the availability of their EDGE.sound portable speaker in a new color, white.

The new color option will match many of the new mobile devices out there that also come in white now. I know for me, since I have an iPhone 5 in white, I always try to find matching white accessories as basic black doesn’t always look right when paired up with a white device. The EDGE.sound looks really slick in white and I really like how it doesn’t look like a conventional speaker.

The CUBEDGE EDGE.sound features Bluetooth 3.0 capabilities for wireless sound as well as a built in mic. There’s even a built-in rechargeable battery that offers 10-14+ hours of audio bliss. Look for the EDGE.sound at retailers like Best Buy and Amazon with a retail price of $149.


Press Release

Austin, TX (October 30, 2012) – CUBEDGE, a unique product design company committed to producing high-quality and user-friendly Bluetooth technology solutions, announces today a second color option for the EDGE.sound portable speaker, white.

Just introduced to the market this past summer, the EDGE.sound speaker was built to deliver a miniature music solution for those looking for on-the-go portability. Now, in addition to the original black color choice, the new white EDGE.sound offers customers a new color option to match their MP3 player, laptop, or home décor.

The EDGE.sound is built with BT 3.0 capabilities, and delivers crisp, rich audio for rocking out to your favorite tunes. It has a built-in rechargeable battery that offers 10 to 14+ hours of playback. This portable speaker is also crafted with a built-in microphone, which produces the capability to easily connect with friends and family.

The EDGE.sound is available in white now at, and for $149.


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