Continuing with my ever increasing collection of iPhone 5 cases, here is another case from the fine folks at the Joy Factory. This one is called the Tutti and it’s a similar styled case to what I saw with the Alton, just slightly tweaked and improved. This case is for those who want something that is very thin and light, but still very protective. It is a hard polycarbonate shell case but with a bit more style than your average shell case.

Unlike the Alton case, the Tutti has a translucent back that has a much different texture to it. It has a matte finish that has a bit of a sanded feel to it. This is actually a much better finish than the crystal clear back on the Alton as it makes the back scratch proof and it also keeps fingerprint marks away. The biggest plus here is the scratch resistance because on my Alton, it’s already pretty scratched up from sliding it around on a table whereas this case, I don’t have that problem anymore. The sides of the case also have a much different texture to them. It has a bunch of textured bubble indents as well as a milky white finish to it that again, keeps the scratches at a minimum. It’s very nice and gives it a very nice look.

Overall, I must say I love the way this case looks. It’s much better than the regular shell type snap on cases I’ve seen, in terms of looks and construction, and I also love that it comes in a variety of colors. It comes in yellow, white, green, blue, and black. Again, the back is translucent so you’ll still be able to see the Apple logo and text through the case. Like most of these type of cases though, it will protect the rear and sides but not the top and bottom edges as those are left exposed. Like with all iPhone 5 Joy Factory cases, these now all come with a screen protector and their convenient BubbleShield.

You can grab the Tutti on the Joy Factory website here for $29.95 or grab them from the handy links below.

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