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Kia Optima Hybrid – Review - G Style Magazine - Car
I’ll be honest with you, I’m not really a fan of Kia. In fact (and to not sure cold), back in the day I wouldn’t be caught dead in one. Kia was just one of those brands to me that when someone mentioned it, my response was as if someone just insulted me. However if you were to mention to me the Kia Optima, you’d get a very different reaction today.


Kia Optima Hybrid – Review - G Style Magazine - Car side exterior The Kia Optima is hands down the most attractive car in Kia’s line up. There is no doubt in my mind, that is you want a fashion forward car from Kia, that you need to be looking at the Optima. From the front to the back, the Optima looks amazing. The front grill is nicely down, the wheels on the Optima is distinctive, and the back of it has been said to look very BMW like. In fact while parking it one morning the car owner behind me ask what kind of car was it, as at first he thought it was a BMW.

The car we had to review was a nice shade of silver with an interesting interior. The seats had a leather and cloth two-toned feel to it in this beige and blue color. It look nice, it was something different and unexpected. All over the car just looks luxurious. This is definitely one Kia I could proudly show off to the friends!


Kia Optima Hybrid – Review - G Style Magazine - interior - steering wheel - dashboard If the exterior and interior of the car was a beauty to look at, the guts when it came to tech has some room for improvement. Yes I was able to connect my phone and play music via the phones, make calls and other items I think should be standard. The Kia Optima had that, so check marks there, but it just didn’t do it all in style.

The dashboard behind the steering wheel looks great, but I was hoping for a little more customization on what information I could display there. I would have love to be able to see some miles to empty, navigation, or media options there. Then when it came to the center console, the UI left much to be desired in terms of visual appeal. I would have definitely went with some different color choices. Using the interface wasn’t a pleasant an experience as I would have liked. I was able to get most task down, but always as easy as I thought it should. For example, it took me a little while to figure out how to cancel a navigation route, as I need to press the route button instead of the designation button, and then there was a Map button, so 3 separate buttons for navigation when one could have been enough.

Kia Optima Hybrid – Review - G Style Magazine - interior - radio screen Beyond the center console interface, there was the usual FM/AM, Bluetooth In/Other AUX In/ Satellite Radio, and CD. Outside of entertainment, dual climate control, and heated seats where present. But let’s not forget this is a Hybrid. I love Hybrids! Any car that can look good and save me on gas gets pluses in my book. While driving during the week I came the screen on this ECO screen that showed me when I was using the electric motor and when I was using the gas engine. I got quite addicted to this screen lol


Kia Optima Hybrid – Review - G Style Magazine - exterior - rear bumper - headlights Beyond my disappointment with the tech interfaces, the Kia Optima Hybrid is a great ride. Looks great, as this is a car you can show off and one people take notice of. Rides smooth, the Optima Hybrid had that quiet acceleration and handling. Riding around in it was an always a pleasant experience. It saves you on gas most definitely. Normally after a week of riding about, I need to fill it back up towards that last day or so, but with the Optima I was still just below half upon the end of my review period. Score one for the hybrids!

The specific car we had for review clocked in at $32,620 for the cost. If you are looking for a solid, attractive car that is also good on gas, I would encourage a look at the Optima Hybrid. This one can handle itself well with the family or for the single person who just wants to drive up in something fashionable.