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G Style Magazine Giveaway – Samsung Reverb! *Closed*

Let’s get right into and not waste time, we want to continue giving back to you and we got a Samsung Reverb for you now! You know the drill leave a comment below to get your entry in, and we’ll be picking a winner by Wednesday, yup Wednesday this time!

The Samsung Reverb has Android 4.0 aka Ice Cream Sandwich, and an 4 inch touchscreen. This is paired with a 5MP camera, and can be used on Virgin Mobile! Good luck!

***And the winner is Hannah Collins. Congratulations! to you. If you have left your email address with your comment, we will be contacting you shortly on how to claim your prize!***

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  1. Everybody loves free! However, if you don’t win go with the HTC EVO V … It has better specs for similar money and is 4g!

  2. i want to win i need a new phone my phone does not read the micro SD card at all causing me to only use twitter facebook messaging and calls theres no fun to that i need my LG optimus V to RIP and get a brand new phone

  3. i currently have the Samsung Intercept from Virgin Mobile and I have stuck with it for quite awhile now. I have been wondering as to whether I should get the Reverb or the HTC Evo V but, if I won this phone I wouldn’t have to wonder which to get. :)

  4. I got sick of T-mobile’s crappy coverage and got a HTC EVO V 4G on Virgin Mobile. I rarely use 4G, and my wife is just waiting for her T-mobile contract to end so she can switch to Virgin Mobile and get an android phone.

  5. I can’t wait to upgrade my phone. I just have the chaser. Does anyone know if the mote expensive phones have better app storage?

  6. I’ve been thinking about switching to Virgin…tired of expensive contracts that keep going up in price…I have a DroidX which is 2 yrs old and doing quirky things. I just don’t know which phone to buy.
    Martha Yokel @MarthaYokel1@hotmail.com


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