Coming from a year ago being the new kid on the block then getting worldwide recognition , Sol Republic looks to try to impress us again with a new pair of headphones in their lineup called “Tracks Ultra”. Coming from the Tracks, and the HD version, the Ultras are supposed to bring you deeper bass and higher clarity then the previous models before that. Also in the progress bring catch your eye with its nice design build.


If the color scheme was decided to help them stand out they sure did. The headband has a translucent dark cyan blue color as does the wiring and on the V12 Sound Engines which has a brushed metal feel to them. The V12 sound engine cans are much lighter than the V10(Track HDs) and maybe even close to the V8(Tracks). My main complaint about the HDs were they were a little heavier than the Tracks but the Ultras have seem to fix that problem. Another eye catcher on the Ultras is the white ear cups. They look nice but you know with anything white brings dirt so I feel have to be delicate with them. Hope they release in other colors.

Wearing these for long period of time, I didn’t experience any discomfort as sometimes I could feel they were on my head based on the lightness in them. Which was once again a breath of fresh air compared to the HDs.


Now the Ultras are supposed to bring you a better listening experience then the prior two models. The Ultras provide more clarity then the Tracks and HD versions as I’m able to hear music more in detail as far as the vocals and even some of the background. The bass on the other hand I didn’t find that powerful or even much different then the HDs. That being said I feel like the Ultras are better suited if you’re looking for more detail in your listening experience.

Also once again like its predecessors they are good at keeping music in and nothing leaking out. Nothing worst then being in a public place and everyone can hear what your listening to or vice versa. Testing them out friends, they didn’t even know I was listening to music until I removed them from my ears.

Wrap Up

The Ultras are a nice addition to the family of Sol Republic’s line. I would like to see them make other colors as white is just not my fave especially for headphones. For the price tag of $180 I see it not worth it if you’re coming from the HDs which are $150, but definitely if you’re coming from the standard Tracks pair.

The Sol Republic Tracks Ultras are available now at various electronic retailers for $179.99

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