It looks like it is about that time again! This is the month in which we were founded. In October 2005 Jason Anderson founded G Style Magazine and from there it has grown a little each year. Starting with just him writing the articles to now a team of 16. From one post using WordPress back in 2008 to some 2,100+ posts now on a range of topics.

G Style Magazine even spawned a sister site in which like G Style covers consumer electronics, but if staffed by all women. The site is written for women by women!

So as it is our birthday month, if you are a long reader of G Style you know what that mean. If your new to the site, we celebrate our birthday but giving you stuff. We take this month to give back to our readers, as without you we wouldn’t have the growth we continue to enjoy. So expect a few giveaways this month from a pair of Sol Republic headphones to a few other items! This is our thank you from us to you for supporting us and continuing to support us! To 8 years and beyond!

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