Purchased an iPhone 5? Then you’re probably looking for that perfect case, considering Apple doesn’t have a case of their own right now. If you’ve been following along with the site, you have probably noticed that most major case manufactures have already released cases for it or are now taking preorders for cases that will be available soon.

Marware is another well known case manufacturer that has just announced support for the iPhone 5. They’ll have several cases and accessories available soon but the selection below are the ones I found more interesting and functional. They’ll have everything from a basic shell case to a more traditional leather holster (for those who still use holsters).

The customizable rEVOLUTION ($34.99 USD MSRP), featuring a patent-pending three-piece design that mimics the look of the new iPhone. Offering complete protection for all ports and buttons, the rEVOLUTION is completely interchangeable with top, bottom and center pieces in a range of colors and textures to suit your unique style. The rEVOLUTION is currently available in four styles, with more options coming soon.

The Stash ($34.99 USD MSRP), an innovative wallet case that holds up to two cards (ID or credit/debit) and functions as a stand, simply by sliding one of those cards into the built-in slot in either portrait or landscape mode. Its patent-pending design is also compatible with all rEVOLUTION interchangeable pieces for a customized look.

The lightweight, impact-resistant MicroShell ($24.99 USD MSRP), anultra-thin plastic shell case that wraps your device in a sleek metallic finish or trendy, eye-catching pattern design for the perfect combination of fun and stylish protection that won’t weigh you down.

The C.E.O. Prestige Plus ($39.99 USD MSRP), a genuine leather hip case with a sleek executive style. A rear belt clip will keep you looking sharp. The microfiber interior and softmagnet lid closure hug your device in the sophisticated look of a black leather exterior with elegant red accent stitching. A free clear MicroShell is included as well for added protection.

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