I’ll have to say sorry to all the cars I have reviewed already and the ones I will review after, but the Chevy Camaro is the car I’ve been waiting for. I have been following this car since it was just a concept and got excited when it went into production. So it is with a bittersweet feeling that I write this review. As this means, you get to know my opinion of it after finally getting behind the wheel of one, and it also means my time with it has ended. Did it live up to the hype I’ve put on it all these years, or leave me wanting more?


My god this is one seriously mean looking vehicle, and I mean that in the most fashionable way possible. The Chevy Camaro is simply bad ass! If you are staring down at one from the front, you would swear you was looking in the eyes of some aggressive, mechanical cat of sorts. The front of the Camaro isn’t for the faint of heart, especially if you are staring at it as it growls when turned on.

Once you get pass the front, it is all about the body of this beauty. From front to back the Camaro just screams muscle car. I’m not afraid to say I love this car looks. If nothing is more sexy than a 2 door coupe, then the Chevy Camaro is one of the elite members of this class in looks, it is just that iconic looking! The loader we had was in fire engine red and was a convertible one. I’m still on the fence with whether I like a Camaro being a drop top, but it was nice to let the top down every now and then and feel the open air.


Now I will say that the Camaro isn’t a tech heavy car, but I was quite surprised by it. For one I fully thought I would have to use a Aux/In cable to listen to music from my phone, but the Camaro allowed me to do this from the phone via Bluetooth! I’ll admit that this however wasn’t the most easiest of set up. It involved quite a few steps, and I do wish it was much simpler. But in the end, I was able to get it connected and working just fine. When it came to the sound system, the Camaro satisfied. Sound was loud and clear, though with the windows down you’ll have to really crank it up to counter the outside noise and wind.

Beyond the music options, the Camaro always had heated seats, power windows (that go all the way down and up with one push of the button), power seat adjustments and a few others. All in all, it keeps the muscle car simple, but had enough tech goodies inside to keep me happy during the ride!


This was a dream week for me. I have lusted over the Camaro for a long time now, and to finally get behind the wheel was a dream. The Chevy Camaro is a great ride for anyone. The amount of looks, double stares, and long glance by everyone as I drove around was plentiful. I literally lost count at the amount of people who stopped and stared each day I drove around.

Driving the Camaro at first took a little time to get use to. For some reason the Camaro just felt heavy, like I was baring the weight of the Camaro. All that V8 power in the front, the engine is power. But after a couple days I was used to it, and of course loved it! I truly enjoyed driving around in the Chevy Camaro and with it relative low cost, it is an affordable muscle coupe to purchase.

Wrap up

The 2012 Chevy Camaro 2SS clocks in around $44,115 (for the specific loaner I had), but your price may vary with your configuration. I love that the Camaro is totally bad ass and if you start at the very base, you looking at $23,345 and up. This is quite affordable.

The ride was great, the car look awesome, and the tech inside while wasn’t the creme de la creme, it did have a few surprises I wasn’t expecting with a muscle car. I’m still on the fence on whether I would do a convertible or not, but it is quite cool to have a nice sunny day. Would I recommend a Camaro, hell yea! Nuff said…