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G Style’s Back To School Guide 2012: All The Cool Geeks Will have these + Enter to Win Astro Gaming A50 Giveaway! *Updated*

Yes it is that time of year again. Some of you are looking forward to it, others dreading it. Back to school time, actually some of you (poor kids lol) are already in school now. While think of it on the bright side, back to school also means a time to get your hands on some school items to take back with you to campus, to use while at school and when you have some down. But you don’t want to just bring anything, if you are a part of All The Cool Geeks, you only want the hottest stuff to be working.

This is where we come in. Below is our list for what All The Cool Geeks should be using, as picked up from some of your staff members. Do you have some of these already? Did you are already in the know, but if now consider picking some of these up now!

***And the winner of the giveaway is Caramel Frapp! Email us at info at gstylemag dot com on how to claim your prize***


Nexus 7: Love them or hate them, tablets aren’t going anywhere soon, and they do come in handy when wanted to consume media without the bulk of a laptop. Obviously some on my team *cough cough Sam cough* would like us to mention the iPad, so if you looking for that go for the 16GB. But the Nexus represents a tablet that is affordable at $199, highly-portable at 7 inches, and quite a looker as made with well design by ASUS. You can’t go work with this one! Then throw in a $25 Google Play credit, and other freebies, this is one tablet with perks!


HP Envy Ultrabook 6t: Now if you must use a laptop, you might as well go with one that is light, thin, inexpensive, and powerful! This is exactly what the HP Envy Ultrabook is. Pricing around $749.00 it won’t break the bank, but looks like it paid a pretty penny for it. You want to set the style trend, this HP laptop will help you do it!

Another mention would be the latest to come out of the Vizio camp. You know them for their TVs, now they have jumped in the PC line. There Thin & Light notebooks are inexpensive, look good, and pack quite a bunch in there for their price!


Astro Gaming A50 Wireless Headset: When it comes to gaming, with nothing really new out right now, we won’t get into what console you should get, but for the ones you do, you might as well accessorize your existing ones. If you want the best in headset right now, we would have to go with the Astro Gaming A50. They took the greatest of the A40s and added in wireless to it. Now no need for extra pieces or wires of any kinds. Just connect it up and time to play!

We also will be giving away one lucky person a pair of these, so enter a comment below and let us know what you picked up for Back to School so far or planning on getting. We’ll pick a winner on Friday morning!


And the most important and probably the main thing you are seen with as you move around to and from school is your phone. This is your most important fashion statement, as the amount of in the public play time is at a max. So we have a list of what is the most stylish right now from all of the big 4 carriers. Check it!

HTC One X (AT&T): While everyone might be talking about the Samsung Galaxy S3, the HTC One X is still the most fashionable phone on the block, picking one up makes a statement!

Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX (Verizon Wireless): While this phone isn’t as talked about as much right now, we think having a batter that will last all day, night, and into the next day is sexy! Beyond the battery, the DROID RAZR MAXX is quite the looker and on tap to get some ICS coming soon as well!

HTC One S (T-Mobile): This is another phone that beats the most talked about Samsung Galaxy S3 right now. The HTC One S is the most fashionable phone on T-Mobile right now, and easier the most sexiest! If you was to get any phone on T-Mobile right now, this is the one you want.

Samsung Galaxy S3 (Sprint): If your on Sprint this is the phone you want right now. It is the lastest, greatest, most fashionable from Sprint and Samsung right now. It is the clearly winner here, so pick one up when you can!

So there you have it! This is the list, if you are one of All The Cool Geeks, you need these in your life for this Back to School season. But wait, if you want to win that pair of Astro Gaming A50’s don’t forget to leave a comment below! Good luck!

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  1. Just got an older Envy, but I’m thinking of getting the newer Envy ultrabook… I’m wondering if I could connect some A50s to it and my Xbox at the same time…

  2. Not going to back to school myself but my 3 boys need just about everything, winning the A50s would be a bonus for my 16 year old

  3. I’m a high school student and I picked up a lenovo laptop. The A50 headset would be a great addition to my new Xbox.

  4. I picked up the HP Envy since my last laptop bit the dust. It is amazing and a must have for students! I use it now for my own college work and my daughter uses it for her school work, and of course keeping up with friends and family! We are gamers so those headphone would be fantabulous to won! Thanks for the opportunity!

  5. I’m not heading back to school, but I just recently got the HTC One S and I’m loving it. I’d also love those A50s!


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