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Samsung Music Hub Service Now Available in the US

Another perk for Samsung Galaxy S III users, Samsung Music Hub is now available to S III users first (later on to other devices). Samsung Music Hub is the first completely integrated all-in-one music service.
With features for all types of listeners, this service can satisfy all your moods and whims. It integrates your music collection in the cloud, songs you’ve uploaded to your device, access to tons of catalogs, and also provides streaming services based on tastes, likes and dislikes. It is not just a music player.

The free version of the Music Hub Store is where you can access 7digital’s massive catalog. You can buy tracks and albums. The music purchased is stored in the cloud. You can store it locally to listen to it offline and also access it from different devices. So, it’s not really free, it’s more like a store. Your music can also be accessed online at www.musichub.com

The premium Music Hub ($9.99/ month) gives you a lot more of course. You can upload your entire music collection. You can also use Scan & Match Cloud Locker. With this technology; uploading music takes a lot less time. If your songs are available on 7digital’s catalog; they play their version. Unmatched songs are uploaded from your library to your 100 GB of available cloud space. Those rare hits will be available across all of your devices. If you have a lot of iTunes content, there is a desktop app that eases the transferring process.

You’ll have access to millions of tracks from all four major labels (Sony, EMI, Universal and Warner). You can stream or purchase the tracks (without ads). Added features include creating playlists, sharing songs with friends, detailed album information, and lyrics to the songs.
Music Hub’s Radio streaming feature becomes a lot more personalized when you’re able to create personal stations, browse stations based on genres that are recommended and custom created by the Music Hub team. You can also tag songs to listen to later on. Those tagged songs are saved to a list for quick and easy access. That’s personally one of my favorite features. The recommendations get better the more you use the app. So the Music Hub is basically 3 services in one, a music player (for your files), a streaming service to buy songs and albums (ie. iTunes), and a radio service that plays songs by genre (like Pandora). Of course there is social integration, where you can share what tracks you’re listening to with your social networks.

I’ve been using the app for a couple of weeks. I found it easy to navigate. It recently started recommending music that I gave I “liked” (thumbs up). I rarely had an issue streaming. There was barely lag. The UI is responsive and easy to navigate. Adding and sorting content was very smooth and quick.

I think that it’s a great service so far. But with Spotify being so popular and available on iOS devices as well; Samsung has a lot of catching up to do. Google music is also popular and easy to use. I’m sure with a few updates Samsung and mSpot will fix the few issues it has.

You can download the app from the Google Play Store or from the Samsung App Store.

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