I’ll start off this review by saying that the Samsung MobileLink app will only be useful for those who own a Samsung Smart camera equipped with Wi-Fi. That means this isn’t a normal app that anyone can download and use as without a compatible camera, it is virtually useless and will not engage if it does not recognize a compatible device. Like the FUJIFILM Photo Receiver app I reviewed a couple days ago, the Samsung MobileLink app is used in conjunction with a Samsung Smart Camera in order to browse and download images from your camera to your device. I tested this out with a Samsung WB850F and an iPhone 4 running the app. If you did read the FUJIFILM Photo Receiver app review, it has a similar function, but does things a bit differently.

Where as the FUJIFILM app was only a receiver, the Samsung MobileLink app allows you to browse the contents of the memory card on the camera. Instead of initiating the selection of photos and transfers from the camera, you do it from your mobile device instead. From the app, you can see all your images on the camera. You then check off the photos you want to transfer and then tap the top right corner to start the transfer. Connecting to your camera is a done pretty much the same way it was done on the FUJIFILM camera. From your camera, start the MobileLink network to turn the camera into a Wi-Fi access point. From your iPhone, go into settings and choose the MobiLink access point from your list of available networks. Once that is done, just start the MobileLink app from your iPhone to connect to the camera and see the images.

The app does lack the ability to upload to Twitter or Facebook like the FUJIFILM app did, but it’s really not necessary considering most people will already have either of those apps installed on their iPhones.

Overall, the Samsung MobileLink app is one that works and is a nice bonus for those who buy a Samsung Smart Camera. It worked perfectly with the Samsung WB850F I was testing out and I really liked the fact that you could browse your camera’s contents from the app and select it that way instead of the more cumbersome method the FUJIFILM app took. If you own one of Samsung’s Smart Cameras, you owe it to yourself to download and use this app as it will definitely extend the functionality of your camera.

Samsung MobileLink is available now in the App Store for free. It is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.3 or later.


Install MobileLink App to your iOS device and enjoy sharing photos and videos from Samsung Smart Camera to your device instantly

– Provides preview function of photos stored in Samsung SMART Camera
– Provides wireless-multiple copy function of photos and videos stored in Samsung SMART Camera

– Wirelessly connect Samsung SMART Camera and iOS device by using Application
– View, select and copy selected files wirelessly
– Copy original files stored in SMART Camera to iOS device

Compatible devices
– iOS version : iOS 4.3 or higher
– Supported devices : iPhone,iPod Touch, iPad
– Supported Samsung SMART camera : WB850F, WB150F, DV300F, ST200F and other Wi-Fi applied models from 2012

[via App Store]
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